What a weekend!

What? It’s mid-week ALREADY???

And it’s JULY???!!!

I’ve, unfortunately, abandoned Blogland these past few days and left things on the internet to its / their own devices.

I’ve forgotten all about the Mansion and the Grinds and left that side of the Universe to do its thing all by itself.

I’ve left all of my characters hanging, Dallas-and-Dynasty-cliff-hanger style, in their respective tales. Other soap opera cliff-hangers are – or were – available.

I’ve left half-written poems half-written.

I’ve discarded ideas without giving them a second thought.

I’ve hardly slept.

My alarm clock in the morning is making the strangest of noises, and this morning it looked like a piece of cardboard. Yesterday, it looked like a Weetabix. Other cereals are available.

I’m at the end of my tether.

I’ve aged half a million years in the past few days.

My eyes are the deepest bloodshot-red I’ve ever seen.

I ache when I walk. Nothing new there, though. And with the eyes, for that matter, but moving on…

I’m imagining colourful shapes descending everywhere I look.

I’m, I have to say it, addicted.

Long-time visitors to this illustrious site may remember that I’m utterly hopeless at computer games. I constantly lose at Spider Solitaire. I lose regularly at chess. And I’m embarrassed about my lack of prowess at Minesweeper. So. Those very same long-time visitors will be surprised to read that I’ve only gone and bought myself a new game for the computer.

Bejeweled. Other computer games are available.

Yep. I’m so with the times I’ve found a computer game that I can play. And that I’m good at. So I tell myself.

Who’d have thought that causing colourful gems to explode would be so much fun?

The thing is, once I’m playing, I can’t stop. I say ‘just one more… just one more then… this will be the last one… this will definitely be the last one… this will DEFINITELY be the last one… I’ve just got to beat my highest score… this game will beat it… THIS game will beat it… just one more…’ and on and on and on…

Like I say. Addicted.

I’ve dragged myself away. Hand suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury, eyes swollen due to watching every inch of the screen looking for multiple shapes of the same colour to whack together, cascade and blow up. And all the time within one minute, although I do get some extra seconds every now and again.

There’s even a Zen version of the game with relaxing music that contains Binaural Beats. Relaxation through explosions. Who’d have thought it?

Anyway. Moving on.

I’m forcing myself to sleep tonight. Early. Earlyish.

And maybe in the morning, my alarm clock will look like a clock, and sound like an alarm. Who knows?

And for some random reason, I have a very strong urge to eat chocolates. Lots of chocolates. Although I have no idea why.

Here are some screenshots of my new game:

It is actually better than it looks! And look… I’m a Gem Grinder already:

I suppose somebody has to be.

19 thoughts

  1. I know the feeling Tom! 🙂

    I practically LIVE ‘MotorStorm-Pacific Rift’ so I can relate!!! 🙂

    Some games should come with a health warning!!! 🙂

    Hope you get some sleep my friend!!! 😉

    God Bless!



  2. Have never interacted with the internet games. Glad this one is hitting the spot for you. Enjoy Mr. Gem Grinder and maybe you will get to be a stone setter….VK 🙂


  3. Hmm..well…lol definitely addicted! I like that game…I tried playing it online and that was great till I noticed how much of my data it was consuming in one session alone! Soon stopped that idea 😉 I then invested in a bejeweled disk so I could play the game to my heart’s content…oh no! Not that easy! It played nicely for a little while then decided it was to be no more and all kinds of errors and compatibility issues cropped up…so it was designated to the trash! The physical one not the one on the PC 🙂 However…I am now hopelessly addicted to hidden object games…and better still I can download them for free on my tablet too so if I’m not at the PC no prob! The games continue…like you…late late into the night…no sleep…can’t get up…neglecting social networking sites…terrible!! “Twisted lands” is a good one…I thought it referred to the game I was playing but I’ve come to the conclusion it was referring to my Russian language course!!! Oh and as to the choccie craving…perfectly normal when playing PC games late into the night. Happens to me all the time…midnight feasts full of naughty but ever so nice calories! Good luck!


  4. Arrrgh NO!! you got hooked in GEM Land, and poor old blog land forsaken…. 🙂 lol… I can honestly say I am not a Game Player LOL.. but my Son now… you and he may well make lots of treasure together.. He is building Empires I think! LoL…
    Give me a Spade and Hoe and I am well addicted Tom! 🙂

    Enjoy Zapping!


    1. I’m not green-fingered, Sue, so I can’t see me becoming addicted to gardening anytime soon! Having said that, I wouldn’t have put any money on me becoming addicted to a computer game either, so what do I know?

      Happy Gardening, Sue!!!


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