Right down there, down below in the depths, at the very bottom of this blog page, should appear a footer area. A WordPress widget area for various instruments to fill up virtual space with virtual stuff. I say it should appear, as it does today, June 17 2014, on this current theme I’m using. It may not appear in a future theme, should I change it, but the particular widget I’m referring to may then appear somewhere else.

And, said widget is supplied by an external site that provides a live traffic feed of visitors to my blog as and when they happen. In a roundabout way. A few weeks ago, I was visiting my blog via my mobile phone. I was still in Cheshire, over towards the Manchester side of the county, but the widget said I was visiting from California somewhere. Slight difference country-wise but hey, who’s really checking?

The thing is, I was. And I was checking again today.

I noticed that I’d had a visitor, according to the widget, from a place called Warboys, in the United Kingdom. A village I’d never heard of.

It isn’t really surprising that I hadn’t heard of the village, there are probably thousands dotted about this green and pleasant land, but sometimes I have a vague recollection of a place from my days of torture when I worked on Directory Enquiries. The place name itself jingled a bell, although slightly out of tune. Warboys reminded me of the people who made the oldie worldie road signs here in the UK before they were streamlined.

How wrong was I. Worboys was/were the committee that altered the appearance of the UK road signs, making them more universal than they used to be. They introduced symbols onto the signs, straightened out the odd wonky arrow or two and created a new font especially for the road signs themselves. All this was introduced on January 1st 1965, but to this day, in places up and down the land, there still exists some pre-Worboys signs.

The village of Warboys may have one or two, but apart from sounding similar the two don’t have anything in common whatsoever.

Only, now they do.


Warboys has a link to my 1642 Quest. And witchcraft.

A trial took place in the latter 1500s of a family who had been accused – by multiple people – of partaking in the act of witchcraft. Alice Samwell, her daughter Agnes and husband John were all found guilty in 1592 of committing murder by witchcraft, and consequently hanged. Their ‘victim’ was a certain Susan Weeks as was – or Lady Cromwell as she was by then – who had visited Warboys in 1590. Lady Cromwell had had reason to call Alice a witch for some reason, and as a result she managed to cut a lock of Alice’s hair so it could be burned, which at the time was thought to be a way of weakening a witch’s powers. Unfortunately for Lady Cromwell, she was soon to fall ill after suffering nightmares after cutting the hair, and she died in 1592. Unfortunately for Alice, her words to Lady Cromwell “I never did you any harm as yet” came back to haunt her, as they were used as the proof that hammered the nails into her and her family’s coffin at the trial.

In 1604 the Witchcraft Bill was introduced through parliament, partly influenced by this trial.

And the link to 1642? Lady Cromwell was Oliver Cromwell’s grandmother by marriage. She was married to Oliver Cromwell’s grandfather after his first wife had died.

OK, it’s a weak link to 1642, but it’s still a link. Sometimes it’s the weakest link that’s actually the strongest.

It still doesn’t answer my questions as to why I’m drawn to that particular year, but there is still something there, if, after all this time of snippets of information popping up occasionally, they still continue to do so.

I don’t ‘feel’ witchcraft when I ‘remember’ 1642, and I still see the ships and the seas when I think about it… but if the signs are there, the answers must be there also. Hidden. But there…


  1. Hmmm… Sounds like you need to rest a spell – or three!!! 😉

    Every time witch trials come up the stench of stupidity and ignorance wafts past my nostrils! 😦

    What we do today – communicating silently by a means not known in past centuries – is more than enough to get us burned at the stake! 😦

    Ignorant people REALLY piss me off!!! 😦

    God Bless! 🙂



    1. I see what you’re saying, Prenin. If someone from those times were here today they’d think the whole place magical. We’ve come a long way in some regards… but are still quite backwards in others. Not that the folk back then were particularly backward, having said that, they didn’t know any different.


    1. Not really, Tess… although I feel that all of the information has somewhat dried up at times. Then, like this, something crops up out of the blue and I start a pondering again!

      I think, though, that I’ve now been waiting to find the answer to my pull for the year for longer than the year itself. It’s another enigma, I tell ya!


      1. Can I sound off here? Not like me? Not like a mother? Kind of like an obnoxious person. AGAIN, Not like Me

        I don’t KNOW how you can STAND all this inertia. My way would be to light a fire. Cause an explosion. Set off rockets. SOMEthing needs to HAPPEN soooooon.

        You may not have noticed and this is not your problem, I am not getting any younger here and I’m soooo tired of waiting for SOMEthing to h,.a,p.p.p.e.n. SOMEthing!


        1. Tess, I feel your frustration. I really do. Believe me, I do.
          The thing is, with this quest of mine, I don’t think there will ever truly be an end… an answer. The reason I say that is because of all of the facts I’ve picked up along the way may cloud any chances of finding a ‘definite’ truth if I were to be hypnotized or have a past life regression… they are now buried within me, and having never been hypnotized before I don’t know if they’d be by-passed for me to get to the truth.
          That said, I still like it when these snippets appear – I’m still linked to something, and I like sharing what comes across. Maybe in future posts regarding the quest, I’ll not end with the question of when will I find out… small compromise, I know.
          Sometimes, I wish this was just another of my tales, where I can write the ending… but sadly it isn’t.
          And you sound off eloquently and elegantly… not obnoxious at all… please accept my apologies for frustrating you so.


  2. The mystery deepens! I do like all these hints and clues you get…little steps by little steps you’re maybe getting closer to an answer…or maybe not!Either way there’s lots of interesting and educational lessons it’s teaching along the way! And you’re detective skills are very cool 🙂


    1. I’m either getting closer or further away, Icewolf… I just don’t know! I’m a rubbish detective.
      The facts are interesting, however… and I do come across them in the oddest of ways! I wonder how the next one will appear…


  3. Well Tom, “they” say nothing is ever lost. “It” exists in all time if we only knew how to get through the access door. One of several magnet times for me is the 1860s in Sonora, Mexico during the reign of Maximilian.


    1. I love it when I get the ‘feelings’ from the early Seventeenth Century, Rebecca, even though I can not find out why for definite.
      Hopefully, I’ll get through that door one day… and everything will slot into place! Thanks for calling by!


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