Romeo and Gretel got off to a bad start.

Hansel and Juliet never got to meet.

It’s strange how some things are just meant to happen.

Romeo, Grand Duke of the Alamenth Cluster, and Grand Captain of the Floating Cryllaminth luxury liner, was given one task to carry out. He had to deliver, on the orders of The Cluster Guards, Juliet to the moon Titan, in orbit around Saturn.

Gretel, scullery maid on the prisoner trade ship Splopp, had to deliver Hansel to Titan as well, as a task for her to be released from service on board the Splopp and into a life of luxurious freedom on the Crystal of the Solar System, otherwise known as Earth.

Queen Juliet of the Quaqua Dominion, had demanded exile within Alamenth, which had been refused, although she was granted permission to stay on Titan.

Father Hansel, of the newly formed Rings of Saturn Order, needed to set up quarters on Titan, and arrange to meet the fleeing queen on her arrival.

Gretel was late. Very late. The Splopp had left without her two hours ago, although she had ensured she was half an hour early for departure. The schedule had changed last minute, and Gretel was unaware.

Hansel was on board, which was very fortunate for Gretel, for if he hadn’t have been, her release would have been postponed for twenty years. As it stands now, she only has another fifteen years to work on the Splopp, or the lower-decks sister model, the Ploop. She hoped for the Splopp, as she hated the Ploop the last time she was there. She would have liked to have got to Earth though. Next mission, she pondered, as she headed back to the hut that she had to use as her rest quarters when not at work.

Romeo called the Order switchboard on Titan, to see if Gretel had arrived. He was advised not, but that Hansel had reached there safely, and was settling into the new cells quite comfortably. Romeo was quite pleased that the Splopp had set off earlier than planned, as he’d requested, although he felt a little sorry for forcing Gretel to work a few years longer. He couldn’t believe it when he read that Gretel had been chosen for this mission, she was due to start work on one of his liners in a few months and he couldn’t lose her. Romeo was Grand Duke, after all, so all the ships in his Cluster had to fit in with his regional flight path plans, and personal plans had to be put on hold because of this. The galaxy can not stand still for freedom.

As soon as he finished the call, the claxon sounded, and the Cryllaminth lurched suddenly, shuddered, and then stopped.

Juliet was furious. With a glare towards the guard on her door that said stay still, say nothing, or else, she barged passed him, looked back, paused for a second and then ran onto the landing deck where her mini cruiser was being held. She did not like any delay, especially when there was a fine window of time involved.

The landing deck on the Cryllaminth was open to all ships leaving, but closed to incoming vessels due to its state of the art one-way barrier shielding. Juliet was well aware of this, as she jetted off at force-one speed, smiling at her new travelling companion, the guard who should have kept her in her room. She patted his thigh to thank him for not sounding the alarm of her escape, although she had to wonder what had caused the first alarm that had stopped the Cryllaminth dead. Only for a split second, however, and then she increased the speed to warp twelve and sped away, to a new life anywhere in the Universe.

Romeo watched as Juliet vanished into the vast starlit sky.

He knew he would never see Juliet again. He thanked his lucky stars that he wouldn’t as well. He headed to the engine room to change the cheap liquid crystal fuel back into the expensive liquid crystal fuel that he usually used on his ship. He knew the queen would use any hold up to be off, so used this knowledge to his advantage.

On Titan, Hansel swiftly learned of Juliet’s escape. He called the High Order of the Quaquas. “Brothers and Sisters, the treacherous one has escaped.“ He announced. “We have all failed in our mission to hold her in this prison, but we have rid ourselves of the evil queen. She will not return now.” He heard the celebratory chants before he had ended the call.

Gretel listened to the news on her mini radio. There was talk of celebrations throughout the galaxy as a queen she had never heard of had been ousted from power. The region was free. Gretel settled down into her hammock. “It’s alright for some” she thought, before falling asleep, dreaming of her own freedom once again.


  1. ah yes, Sir Aquatom, ’tis alright for some. and there’s many a slip ‘tween cup and lip. sorta thing. (Tho’ when I drink I never dribble, ’tis very unLadyLike… 😉 ) Glad Queen Juliet was ousted , she sounded very uppity!! Many thanks for a different take on Fairy tales. made me enjoy my breakfast more. xPenx


    1. Thanks, Prenin. It was a bit tricky this one – I had intended it to be a little twisty, using characters whose names are known, but in entirely different scenarios – especially when the majority of the characters didn’t meet any other either. I got to the end though, eventually!


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