You may or may not be aware that I am throwing a blog party on December 21st. I’ve thrown a couple of hints about it here and there, and some wonderful bloggers are helping to pass on the invitation by mentioning it on their blogs or elsewhere (thanks Diane, Nancy and Visionkeeper, who I’m aware of, there may be more that I’m not aware of yet and I apologise for not mentioning you in this post, but as I currently don’t know, I can’t!)

I have a task that I need to get organised before anything else. I’m actually throwing more than one blog party at the same time (I don’t do anything by halves, do I?) and need to get the ‘look’ of my blog right to match the theme.

I’m intending to add a poll to see which is the most popular party, and then will go from there when I design the decor.

I say ‘intending’ as I’ve never added a poll before, and things may become very interesting. We’re all on the cusp of something new, and depending on whether it works or not will have a definite impact on how things will be.

The parties are:

December Twenty-First Blog Party – Just because it’s the 21st December, let’s celebrate!
New Beginnings Blog Party – Everyday can be a new beginning, kick-start yours here!
Yay! Betelgeuse Survived Another Year Blog Party – This obviously isn’t going to fit on one line, so never mind! A cosmic celebration if ever there was one! Betelgeuse is due to go supernova sometime within the next million years, so before it does, celebrate here first!
Spectacular Solstice Blog Party – It’s the Solstice on December 21, so why not celebrate?
End of the World Blog Party – The day the Mayan Calendar reaches the end of a Long Count (oops, gone over the line again). Some say this is marking the end of the world, so if it is or it isn’t let’s have fun and party! We can’t do anything about it, but we can have fun!

Or any other reason.

Just come along, and join in with the comments on the posts for the day!

I’ve suggested that you could link to a post on a friend’s blog that you feel is worthy of a visit… or link to a post of your own that you are proud of… or you could link to a post that you have written in response to some of the challenges I have set leading up to the party… or you could just chat with any other visitor at the party… or just say hi… or tell a joke… or post a video of you singing.

I’ll be adding some more views from the Mansion’s window, again just for fun, possibly with clues, but the clues I give are not particularly helpful, so you can have a guess as to where they are… and other equally exciting blog party games.

I’d love to see you on the day, obviously. It’s all about promoting our blogs, after all. And having a good time doing it!

Now, I’m orf to try and get this poll sorted out. Wish me luck… I’m going in!!!

14 thoughts

  1. Love the party look but might you turn up the heat a bit? I’m cold looking at those wintry trees…

    Great idea for a party December 21. I did one for Y2K. If you’re going to go down–or not–nice to have your friends together.


  2. End of the World Blog Party 🙂
    Now that had me giggling straight
    away Tom, you certainly know
    how to get a party started and if
    that means dancing around the
    Earth as it implodes then so be it
    but don’t forget to enjoy yourself 🙂



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