Gerald held the brass number two in his left hand. He’d found it as he walked along his road to help the others get Mr Hecklethorpe out from under his table in what was the living room in his now collapsed house.

Miriam, Mr Hecklethorpe’s next door neighbour, was busy bringing cups of tea out to the volunteers and firemen who were braving the elements to get the trapped man free. Mr Hecklethorpe was OK… he was in constant contact with Miriam on his mobile phone.

The cause of the house collapse had been discovered; a strange device that looked like a large satellite navigation system and a piece of moon rock appeared to have crashed into the house, although why they hadn’t burned up when they entered the Earth’s atmosphere hadn’t been explained. A local scientist had surmised that a meteor had collided with a satellite and, unfortunately, landed on Mr Hecklethorpe’s house.

Gerald walked passed the remaining piece of the front door, where the number two had come from, and arrived at the devastated building.

“Ah, Gerald…” Miriam said, full of excitement, “here’s a cuppa for you. It’s all going on here you know! I bet you’ll be able to get a story out of this incident!”

“Possibly…” Gerald started to answer when his, and everyone else’s, attention were dragged skywards, where a shrill, and high pitched screeching could be heard, getting louder and louder.

“It’s another meteorite!” shouted the scientist, as he quickly ran out of the road, around the corner and away into the darkness of the night.

A bolt of lightning ferociously lit the sky just long enough for some of those gathered to catch sight of where the noise was coming from. Above them was a large horse-drawn chariot that flew overhead, and appeared to land in the park that was behind Gerald’s street.

Gerald looked at Miriam and could tell by the expression on her face that she’d seen it too.

“It’s an alien invasion!” She shouted, causing a few of the others gathered to scream and run. “I should have known because of the weather! Gerald… quick… come inside!”

She dragged Gerald into the safety of her home, seemingly to have completely forgotten what was going on next door.

“We’ll be safe in here!” she said, as more people could be heard screaming in sheer terror outside…

This is the latest instalment of my Legendary Circles storyline. The previous part can be found by clicking here. Or, you can read the whole tale from the beginning by following the links in the Storylines menu option.

8 thoughts

  1. Oh dear….will the Goddess realize Gerald’s in Miriam’s house or will they think he’s poofed (some where or other) so starting another time travel journey, which by the way doesn’t seem too comfortable! Hmmm?


    1. Oh I hope there isn’t more time travel involved, Shree. The Goddesses seem to know where they are going, just the process of getting there was a little problematic! I haven’t a clue though as yet as to what happens next!


  2. Tom, I have to tell you that you have me including super heroes in my novel now. It fits, in a perverse way………nothing like Legendary Circles. Just a passing, childish reference.


    1. I think every novel should have a reference to superheroes, Andra… to appeal to everyone’s Inner Child, but then they wouldn’t be any different from any other novel. My Legendary Circles storyline, though, isn’t about superheroes at all, so with that I’ve gone against what I think anyway! It’s so confusing being me at times…


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