The wailing siren caused him to wake with a start.

He’d managed to drift off into a lovely, peaceful sleep, even though the most ferocious storm was raging outside his bedsit window. Rain was pounding at the glass, and the light from the flashes of lightning was being splintered into millions of tiny shards by the driving rain.

Another siren caused him to get up from his armchair, and walk over to the window. Although it was dark, he could see the flashing blue lights of a couple of fire engines at the other end of his street. He could make out a crowd standing, watching what was going on, despite the rain.

He couldn’t see any flames, and now intrigued; he opened his window for a better look.

Gerald couldn’t see anything any clearer. The rain made it difficult for one, and the fire vehicles were blocking his view for another. He closed the window again intent on taking a quick walk up the road to see what was going on.

No sooner had he closed window, his telephone rang.

He was surprised to find that it was his mother Jean calling, unusual for 10.30pm. She told him what was going on, as the lady who owned the house next door to all the action was his mother’s friend and loved nothing better to tell others the news.

According to Miriam, the end house had collapsed. Miriam thought at first there had been an earthquake as her house shook so severely at the time, but that wasn’t the case. Mr Hecklethorpe, Miriam’s next door neighbour was home at the time, and the fire brigade were now trying to get him out from under the rubble. Miriam told Jean that it was as though something had literally fallen from the sky and flattened the house. Miriam told Jean that it was a meteorite… a big meteorite. Mr Hecklethorpe was alright, Miriam told Jean, he was trapped under a table in what was the living room, and had managed to call her on his mobile phone to explain his predicament.

Jean called to check that Gerald was alright, and he hadn’t been affected by any alien radiation, which he hadn’t.

“How’s your writing coming along?” Jean asked, trying to lighten the mood somewhat.

“Not so good,” Gerald replied, slightly dejected. “I’m not getting any inspiration for anything to write about. It’s really frustrating!”

“Something will come to you soon, son. Love you!” and with that the call ended. Jean didn’t like to talk for long on the telephone.

Gerald stood up, and put on his jacket.

As he had nothing else to do he thought he would go out and help the others to get Mr Hecklethorpe out, despite the rain.

This is another part in my Legendary Circles storyline.
The previous part can be found here.

13 thoughts

  1. Oh no! Hmmm….did something really big carrying really tall ladies crash land on the house..or something?? We need to know what happened!??!! ..the story is shaping up to be really spellbinding! 😀


  2. Most intriguing; I was immediately pulled into the story. The flash of lights from the firetrucks, the storm and the collapsed house create a wonderful mix of possibilities. I look forward for more–


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