The Lady, Emeralda

Visitors to the mansion seem to know folk they’ve never met…
Dogs and cats stay outside as soon as the sun has set…
Some say the chains that rattle belonged to Lady Smart…
Others state the shrieks and cries belong to her ‘in part’…
Guests who stay within the lodge see a figure dressed in green…
Passers by see lights fly by as though they’re in a dream…
Workmen late at night freak out as the air turns rather cold…
Vain folk look on in horror as their reflections look very old…
Emeralda Smart lived here, many years ago
She was one for drama, and loved to put on a show
Her portrait proudly hangs in the mansion’s entrance hall
Her emerald eyes peering down, following one and all
She lived here many years ago; in fact centuries have passed
But to this day she tries all things to ensure her fame will last
She ‘rehearses’ all year round for one extra special act
Her signature ‘show’ on Halloween – her birthday – in fact…

12 Comments on “The Lady, Emeralda

  1. I love the way you write, Tom, you get me thinking one thing and it always take a bit of of turn…I love this poem and story! Have a great Friday and weekend! xo


    • Thanks, Deb.
      I like to write in a way where things can veer off in a different direction at any time… it allows for further tales if needed later!
      And hope you have had a great Friday too… and your weekend is going fabulously!


  2. Where or where do these thoughts come from T? They are so varied and never cease to amaze me. Good job. Have a great weekend…VK


    • Thanks, VK. I hope your weekend is good as well.
      I always like to write about different things, and in different ways. Well, I try to, anyway!


  3. I like it! My ex-mother-in-law’s birthday was on Halloween, and no, I’m not going to make the obligatory M-I-L-from-hell jokes. She was a wonderful lady. 🙂


  4. Very nice Tom! Loved the piece very much…hmmm…I ‘m taking over an English language class for a couple of weeks at a friend’s center and will be teaching little kids about 8 to 9 years old…and this piece sounds interesting!!! Not sure if it might give them nightmares though….but Lady Esmerelda doesn’t sound very frightening..hmmmm


    • Thanks! 😀
      No, she’s not frightening, Shree, she likes to put in an appearance every now and then, and can make people a little… ‘jumpy’ shall we say.
      If you decide to use her tale, she’s asking me to tell you her name is Emeralda and not Esmeralda… as in Emerald, her eye colour. You know what these ghosts are like if we don’t get their names just right… I had a bit of a problem a while back with Reg the Vampire when I spelled the name of his cats incorrectly. 😉


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