The one that got away

The dark. The cool. The shade.
It’s late. I’m alone.
Footsteps ahead.
I hide. Crouching silently. Waiting patiently.
Twigs crack. Birds squawk. Eyes narrow.
I watch. I stare.
It’s now. Or never.
I stretch. I pounce. I reach. I flex. I grab.
I miss.
Next time. I’ll feed.
I’m hungry.

17 thoughts on “The one that got away

  1. I think big cats are gorgeous to see……..with many bars between them and me……….MTM does have photos of lions from a safari he took in Kenya years ago. They are either sleeping or…..well, you know.


    1. I’ll be lying if I said that I wasn’t thinking of Spudley when I wrote this, Kate, especially after I saw her talking to a couple of sparrows in the garden the other day. She’s a clever one, that cat! She speaks English, and now Sparrow! 😀


  2. Having kept cats myself, and having had the odd one or two presents brought me in the form of gifts of mice and birds unfortunately .. Cats will follow their instincts.. and Pounce ! Very well done, and love the One eye picture too. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sue, cats love to bring their offerings every now and then don’t they? They look proud as punch with them too! But yes, they are instinctive!
      I found that photo on the Google Image thingy, and loved the colour, so I borrowed it…


      1. I knew exactly what you meant, Andro, I’m quite fluent in Moggie Lingo now :D! I think I’ve been watching the cats honing their skills when they weren’t hungry then, as I’ve seen quite a few leapin’ and not a lot catchin’! (Catchin’ get it?! 🙄 Terrible joke, sorry… :D)


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