Many years ago, I briefly studied psychology. Not to obtain any kind of qualification or anything, I just studied it because I wanted to. I find the mind to be fascinating, and looking at ways how the mind can have an effect of behaviour, personality, and perception was what drew me to the topic to start off with.

I can’t understand people at times, but I can see that there are more elements involved rather than the person just ‘being themselves’. But even knowing this doesn’t help me to understand people any better. Knowing and not knowing all rolled into one!

I also find the conscious and unconscious minds a fascinating subject as well. The way how we know things that we didn’t think we knew, or suddenly – completely out of the blue – we remember something long forgotten, that shouldn’t really have been forgotten in the first place. I’m always forgetting things, but other (sometimes long forgotten!) memories take their place.

I write many posts about the various aspects of my personality. My Inner Beings feature quite a lot, but when I started this blog and called it ‘Me! Me! Me me me!’, my Inner Beings had not revealed themselves to me. They have appeared as the blog has evolved. Which, in a sense, is why I started the blog in the first place, to get to know me. I didn’t think I would actually get to know umpteen different versions of me!

My Inner Beings are aspects of my life that take over in certain situations. I’m still the driver, but they take the wheel when needed. It’s easier to think about than it is to explain! I said earlier that I can’t understand people at times – maybe I should start to address this by looking at myself closer first! Anyway, moving on…

Sigmund Freud said that the psyche is made up of three components, the id, the super-ego and the ego. The id being the unconscious, the super-ego being the conscience, and the ego being the conscious part that links and does battle between the other two. He’d have had a field day with me, because I actually believe that all of my inner aspects have their own ids, super-egos and egos. And they are all linked too!

Although I have studied psychology briefly, I still have to look things up about it when I need to. I don’t know a lot about it. My forgetful side causes me to say ‘I don’t know’ rather than getting things wrong; and I get things wrong quite a lot of the time. I learn from the mistake, forget about it, get it wrong again, and learn once more. I can handle this cycle, it works when I need it.

So, there’s my brief introduction to the psyche.

However, Psyche is the topic of this post. The Greek word ‘Psyche’ means ‘life’, and also incorporates ‘self’, ‘spirit’, and ‘ghost’. But there is one more Psyche I would like to mention, one who ties in quite nicely for Valentine’s Day.

In the days of ancient mythology and legend, Psyche was a mere mortal girl. She was stunningly beautiful, and caused a greet deal of envy and jealousy to be unleashed from the goddess Aphrodite. So enraged was Aphrodite by this mere slip of a girl’s beauty, she sent her son Eros to shoot one of his arrows to make her fall in love with the most awful, ugliest man that ever existed.

Eros, after an age of protesting, finally agreed to his mother’s demands, and, after making himself invisible, slipped into Psyche’s room one night as she slept. Before he had the chance to fire his arrow, the young girl awoke, and appeared to stare directly at Eros – although he was invisible. This startled the young god, and as he jumped he scratched himself with his own arrow. As he was looking at Psyche as he did this, he fell instantly in love with her.

As he could no longer do as his mother asked, he returned to her and told her so. This infuriated Aphrodite immensely, who cursed Psyche from ever finding a husband or lover. This, in turn, caused hurt for Eros as he didn’t want to see Psyche hurting. Eros refused to fire another arrow until the curse was lifted. People stopped falling in love and animals stopped mating and reproducing. Aphrodite could see the Earth starting to age and crumble as a result of this, and in the end had to release the girl from her curse. Eros did as he promised too, and very soon afterwards the Earth started to grow and glow radiantly again, with all the loving that was going on.

There were more trials and tribulations to come for Psyche and Eros, many as a result of Aphrodite’s jealousy, but eventually Psyche was granted the right to become an eternal, and spend the rest of time with Eros as his wife.

My Inner Adonis is asking me to point out that Aphrodite isn’t normally the jealous type, this was just one aspect of her personality that came to the front during the whole Psyche-Eros affair.

17 Comments on “Psyche

  1. Hi Tom! 🙂

    i used to read a lot about the Greek gods, but never heard this story before, so thanks for that! 🙂

    Aphrodite was a bit of a sod when it came to good looking women though!!! 🙂

    God Bless!



  2. Different aspects of one’s character: they are endlessly fascinating, Tom. Loved the Greek tales. I once started out on a psychology degree but stopped post-haste: I have never met a subject so densely packed with mind-matter and baffling terms!


    • Hi Kate, there are a lot of terms used in psychology – and I’ve forgotten probably tens of them – but I suppose there has to be when studying what makes us tick. I’m starting to realise that my different characters have different aspects to them too… I’m trying to avoid that particular rabbit hole, but I’ll probably end up down there at some point! 😀


  3. Oh by the way,
    You inspired me to write of my Inner Sophia shopping…I hope that you don’t mind. I should have asked first. Rx


    • Not at all, Raven!
      I’m pleased I was a source of inspiration! 😀
      We each have our own Inner Beings waiting to get out – I think we should let them be free – as you have with your Inner Sophia! They tend to write their own stories anyway when we get started…!


  4. I think Tom, if we were honest with ourselves we would see many inner beings of self… I know I have many who stay silent, and others who surface when pushed, and others who shy away and need encouragement.. If only we could see our Dual selves we would understand much more of the ‘Land of the Gods’ ! 😉
    Loved this post Tom


  5. Those greek gods were quite a tempermental lot weren’t they!? lol.
    It’s a great story for valentines day though, wonderful post Tom.


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