The night was cool, although warmer than those dark winter nights we’ve just gone through; spring still has its fair share of the cold ones – frozen mornings and all that.

I found myself lost… wandering through shadowed street after shadowed street, looking for inspiration to match my thirst for creativity, but only finding dimming fluorescent lights, seemingly mocking me as they blinked out from view as soon as I approached. Doors around me slammed shut too.

I found a street. An oddly quiet yet bustling street, welcoming with an embracing glow of golden lights and distant harmonious music coming from one of the venues at the end: the Six Sentence Café and Bistro – and I noticed that’s where a lot of the people I somehow found myself following, going.

In I went… the door gently closed behind me, and I looked around… already I felt my inspiration generators firing up; this should be fun, I thought as I took a seat.

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, where the theme word this week is ‘Match’. (Image from ananavibe at Pixabay)

13 thoughts

  1. Attuned to the soft-clockwork sounds of an establishment meant not only to serve people of a certain disposition, but is, itself, enhanced by each additional living presence, the tall, thin, man looked up from his desk. The blotter that covered the scarred desk was like a skin graft, age and scars molding new flesh into something new. A smile flared briefly as he heard the addition of a slight, yet full-bodied melody sought common themes and contrasting harmonies and the Six Sentence Café and Bistro continued it’s un-silent journey into the night.

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      1. Among the ‘people’ you might recognize, once seated, (and your eyes adjust to the light and your ears tune to additional keys of harmony): Denise (behind the bar, managing the public areas in sort of tai chi of social interaction) … yes, that is, sitting at the end of the bar, Mimi (everybody/everplace needs a heart); clearly the two most recognizable …personages are Ford and Chris (Fred and Ginger? err I might tend towards the Bonnie and Clyde lol); not as noticeable but essential to this ‘place’ manifesting in a manner useful to guests is Spira (‘our Hephaestus’)… and, if you’re totally blessed, you’ll become aware of jenne (she’s there, in the Bistro) but ya gotta work to even begin to see her, much less be invited to sit in the intention-darkened alcove…

        Welcome to the Six Sentence Café and Bistro

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