Sensors repaired, Sam made his way through the tangled web of cables in the control room underbelly to the elevator array; his morning checks had picked up the level indicators were only indicating even numbers. He rewired the circuitry after finding the right side of the array burned out, and then repaired the hole in the warp-drive acid outpipe above, which was leaking acid over the array and the floor surrounding it – which had also been burned through in places. He used the ship’s silica sealants to fix the floor, and then moved down to the floor below to do the same with the ceiling. The heating in the brig, he found when he arrived there, was also malfunctioning, and he needed to head back to the sensor room to repair this once the work on the ceiling was finished.

Back in the sensor room, Sam looked at his tired reflection in the mirror, his features made all the more gaunt by the poor and flickering lighting around him; he decided that would be his next job to fix. Looking in the mirror his attention was grabbed by something else, something he’d never seen before – although it was probably something he hadn’t looked for before – something in his eyes… something looking back through his blank gaze.

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Control.

We last visited Nova Luna here.

12 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Clark… we’ll be back with Nova Luna shortly… if I ‘m not mistaken (and I could easily be!) I think we’re due to call in on a band of supervillains again before then.


  1. Nice gradual tension building. Clearly Sam is experiencing some major malfunctions!
    Got to tell you, Tom – that last sentence – mirror – eyes – kind of freaked me out, lol
    I know there’s more.

    Liked by 1 person

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