I find myself pondering
This and that
Is the ‘truth’ we are told
Exactly that?
There are many layers
Concealed facts
Involving many sides
Different hats
Each holds their truth
Inside their act
But is their truth mine?
Is it my pact?

The spotlight’s bright, but it also reveals the shadows under it…

8 thoughts

  1. We don’t take enough time to sit and wonder/ponder what we have heard or read. We accept or reject in a quick moment and move on. We are being bombarded with so much! Thanks for reminding me to ponder/think.

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    1. It’s all a matter of balance, Ladysighs… for pondering too long may tip the scales either way completely. Not pondering enough may… erm… where was I?
      Oh, my pleasure, by the way! 🙂


  2. Now I’m ancient, I do lots of pondering. We are born with a mind, so why not use it to the best of our ability?! It finds too many unpleasant facts and fantasies, but the good finds can be priceless! xx

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