Mimi glided through the two swing doors from the kitchen at the end of the bar, shouting “we aren’t open yet, Lou,” to the man in the beige trench coat who sat on one of the high stools at the bar; “’though, how did you get in – the doors aren’t even open yet?”

On the stage, Jenne warmed her vocal chords with a deep, throaty a cappella rendition of City Lights, as Mimi joined me in the booth, holding up and then waving the small metal ‘reserved’ sign that I hadn’t noticed as I took my seat, and rolled her eyes.

I looked at Jenne on the stage who graciously nodded without losing her flow, and I glanced back to Mimi with a smile to hide my ‘oops’ expression.

“What gives this place heart?” Mimi asked gesturing to the empty Bar / Café / Bistro, lit by only a few side lights and artificial candles on the walls around the room.

I thought for a moment, and then suggested “the atmosphere… the ambience… the lighting…” and looking back at Jenne, “the music?”

“It’s the people who give the place heart,” Mimi corrected, “without the people an empty place is an empty space… and a place with a heart is welcoming every time… the people provide the heart… and the soul… and the magic.”



Another quick Six Sentence Story, this time featuring the Six Sentence Café & Bistro… the prompt word being Meter. The image above links to Denise’s GirlieOnTheEdge site, who hosts this writing challenge.

18 thoughts

  1. Tom…


    And the song…man, I am telling you…Jenne will render that in a way that heartometers will burst!
    Well, did Mimi said it all or what?
    Hats off, mate!

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  2. Home is where the heart is, so it’s good to pay attention to the people who gather around. And if they’re not the right kind of people, head off to the SSSC&B.

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  3. ‘cellent Café Six.

    (cool, how like with any novel or movie or tv series, with a location being established, the people who populate it (why else would a Reader read) and share their realities with us.)

    Hey! Liz. Stop in any Thursday. While we started with a small group of characters, apparently Six Sentence Story writers are horrible about keeping secrets…lol
    and… a cool thing (which makes visiting the Café even more enjoyable is that ‘fictional’ characters are not only welcome, but by virtue of their being “cives imaginationis” tend to allow being easily accepted.

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    1. It’s the place where all worlds come together, Clark! I’m only vaguely familiar with Lou, but there he is making an appearance in this Six! 🙂


  4. Not 1 but 2 Sixes, Tom! And a Café Six for one of them. Excellent. (will be off to see the S’villains momentarily )
    Great story and it got me thinking how Lou seemed to be getting a lot of attention this week. But we can blame Clark and his crossover Six, followed by you and clearly, I’d had Lou in mind as well, lol. Perfect example when writing is more fun than frustration (speaking for my self that is).
    I love the scene you set and love especially your last sentence.

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    1. Lou must’ve been in my head from somewhere, Denise… although sometimes the characters tend to appear by themselves!
      Writing and creating is always fun; the frustration comes when we try to force things along, I think. Go with the flow and be surprised by what turns up! 🙂

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  5. People definitely make a difference with their presence for better or worse! That said, abandoned places, where people once were but are no more, at least in the physical sense, also have a presence – not in terms of ghosts and spirits but just a sense of an essence of life and experiences that lingers in the atmosphere…walking in the footsteps of people from a century ago, there is definitely a sense of something…and that something whatever it may be, makes the place what it is 🙂

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    1. Very true, Icewolf… the residual energies. Still comes from people from times gone by though… or those who’ve departed but like to pop back for a visit! 🙂

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