The wedding has taken place today between Edith Mathew and Malcolm Bletherington.

The small church was packed to the rafters with both the bride and groom’s family and friends, and the street outside was lined with hordes of well-wishers.

The bride wore a simple gown, but arrived in the style only befitting a silver-screen actress of her stature, a fairy-tale carriage, driven by two horses.

For someone always in the public eye, the new Mrs Bletherington was particularly camera shy after the service, posing only for a small number of personal photographs with her new husband and their families.

They soon after disappeared into the distance aboard the carriage, with the ringing of the church bells and the echoing eruption of cheering from the waiting crowds slowly fading, as they headed off into their new life together.

The question remains: will married life mean we have now seen the last of Pennine Frost?

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Eruption.

This is the last visit to Pennine Frost for this particular run… and the question ‘will we return?’ remains unanswered for now.

The Glamorous Life of Pennine Frost

Miss Frost first ‘appeared’ in a seven part story last year: Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven. Her recent six sentence stories: Part One (The Icebreaker), Two (Lady in Waiting), Three (Confetti), and Four (At the Edge of the Universe), and finally this one (Onto the New).

33 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Sue. 🙂
      Looks left and right before whispering: between you and me, I had most of this written before the prompt word was announced, so it only needed a slight edit to insert the word afterwards. 😉
      Sometimes, the word fits nicely, as in this case, and at others a whole new post needs writing! It’s all fun, though! 🙂

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      1. Psst…the Gatekeeper may hear the whispers but worry not- remember the rules to the young dude? What is anyone’s business, stays their own.
        You had me though…I was thinking: damn he is on fire! I don’t know about his spatula but he is slinging that pen faster than I can blink!
        And imagine on a prompt I proposed, for which I haven’t prepared a comma 🤣
        Good job Tom. Keep sharing the found treasurs of your exploration journeys!

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        1. Sometimes, with a daily posting schedule you have to be ahead of the game, Nick. Unfortunately, I’m not, and sometimes gaps appear! 🙄😊
          Having some of these ready helps, although they can need a drastic rewrite, so it’s like a brand new post anyway! 🙂
          And yes, I shall keep exploring… and sharing!

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      1. It’s fun to change series–I’m in the process of that currently 😉 Thanks for the Follow, Tom–very thoughtful of you 🙂 🙂

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  1. (We can all see the words that you’re reading from….*)
    I also enjoyed the continuation (and made use of the back links to freshen the narrative.)
    I will also admit to shoe-horning the prompt word, which I might add, is a writing challenge an order of magnitude greater than writing a story beginning with the word.

    Good Six

    *lol sorry, not overly clever, funny… something leaked out as I scrolled down to here**
    ** hokey smoke! Did any of you get a deja vu on that… my god! our lived corroborated into a series of Comments!

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    1. Thanks, Clark. Sometimes I write a brand new story for the prompt word, usually the ‘one-offs’ or the SSC&B tales… but with these Six Sentence Serials, I have the story pre-written, ready for editing to insert the word; although that said, the editing can be the tricky part.
      And you mentioned déjà vu… that, I experience time and time again! 🙂

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    1. Well, we have supervillains coming up next time, Ladysighs, and then after that a whole new story begins. It may be a new Pennine Frost story… or it may not be!
      🤣 Hehehe. I’m not giving much away, am I?


    1. Quite possibly, Liz. Thank you.
      I have a feeling we’ll be hearing from these again… characters like popping up unexpectedly, don’t they? 🙂


        1. There’s always a new story floating around in my head… but it may be some time before we see these characters pop up again. You never know, though! 🙂

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