“I’m ready to do your hair and make-up,” the lady with the immaculate make-up herself said as she popped her head around the door of the slightly darkened star dressing room caravan, “that is, if you’re ready yourself, Miss F.”

“Yes, I’m ready,” Edith interrupted sharply, “I’ve been ready for over an hour, but that’s fine, it’s perfectly fine, I’ve been sitting here with my thoughts as I waited; did you know that waiting is a good time for one to be with their thoughts?”

The make-up lady smiled and stepped into the caravan carrying a large bag, but said nothing. She switched on the main set of lights above the mirrors in front of her and her client, and immediately set to work painting, rubbing, blending, combing, curling and styling – all the while without a single word being uttered by the two of them.

When she’d finished, the make-up lady put her equipment back into her bag and switched off the main lights, leaving only the lights by the side of the mirrors lit once more, and with a quick smile just before leaving, said “The photographer’s assistant will be along shortly to collect you – until then, you’ll have a little more time with your thoughts.”

Half an hour later, there was a gentle tap on the door and as Edith turned to face whoever was next to walk through it, her dark and frosty mood lifted immediately as she saw the piercing blue eyes of the man she’d briefly met by the tree at the lake – and found herself lost in her thoughts yet again.

Posted for Six Sentence Stories. The prompt word this week is ‘Tree’.

23 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Denise. I’m not entirely sure Edith’s the Twilight Zone kind of gal, but actresses play many parts… and I quite like that possibility! 🙂


  1. Intriguing start.

    (Props to the reality I read in your Reply to Chris. The fun of seat-of-the-pants writing. Not for the faint-hearted writer.)
    In fact, that* is partially the genesis of the Six Sentence Café & Bistro, the metaphor of musical improvisation… to perform on stage, like an open mic night kinda thing…

    To start a story and trust the characters, (and one’s Muse), to let you know what happens next is not as easy as it sounds. And kinda stressful, mostly in the sense that there is always the risk of writing oneself into a corner…

    Look forward to the next installment… see ya down you-know-where.

    I’ll get your name on the guest list.
    (Password: What the (*&#$?)

    *presenting a character and a situation in, as the tai chi guys allude to, a state of ‘controlled imbalance’ and discovering the story a few keystrokes ahead of the Reader

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    1. Thanks, Clark. Yes, this is the “braccaneer” style of writing, named by Chris herself… you just write as the characters lead, and try to help them out when they get themselves stuck; and of course they usually do!
      It’s all fun though, and in a way, we as the writer, get to read along like everybody else!
      I shall be in the Six Sentence Café and Bistro over the weekend! 🙂

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