“The edge of our known universe…” Edith pondered as she looked out to the horizon, taking a sip of lemonade whilst taking a break from filming. Malcolm sat in the foldable chair beside her, admiring a different view.
“You’re doing it again,” Edith smiled, without altering her gaze “I can feel your eyes, you know?”
“I know… and that’s the view I’m looking for,” Malcolm said softly, “it brightens even the brightest of days.”
Edith pulled her eyes away from the horizon, and looked at Malcolm who was struggling to take something from his pocket.
“Just one more thing would make you shine even brighter…” he said, now struggling to open a small box.

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Edge.

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  1. …almost forgot, always enjoy the synchronicity that happens, to one degree or another, ’round here.

    I was using ‘Across the Universe’ (Fiona Apple’s version) for the first half of writing my second Six this week.

    Most of my Sixes are written with a soundtrack in my head (and on my computer), Seems to help me with the emotional focus.

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  2. That was very cheeky of my laptop….I hadn’t finished my comment! I was about to add, that reality might very well be about to exercise an wholly unexpected dimensional twist in the tale😁😀

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  3. Call me crazy but…wait. Before I get to that, let me say I really like this M & E story, Tom.
    So the first Six with these 2 characters I read, I remember having some doubt as to whether Malcolm was real that perhaps he was a fantasy and or memory of Edith’s. It would appear I’m walking that path alone, lol. Looking forward to the contents of the box being revealed!

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