Olivia made another coffee for a gloomy Kate and a confused James. Gemma suddenly hopped up off the floor and danced around the room shouting cramp. Gayle looked over at James’ expression and laughed. “It’s like this all the time around here, James!”

James took a sip of hot coffee, remembering to thank Olivia. He watched as her bright yellow dreadlocks pulled back over her shoulder as she turned her head. “They liked the characters, not necessarily us for playing them. So them upstairs decided to replace us all for the second series. The crew, the actors, the director, everyone. Only we needed to come back to film our scenes for the first episode where we were replaced by the new actresses.”

Gemma settled down on her knees again, shot her leg out to one side, stood up with an ooh, and ran up the spiral staircase without another word.

“We refused.” Kate continued. “So they brought the set up here, built a replica of the Ram Arms on the corner, closed all the streets and made us do it anyway, without travel expenses.”

“Sounds a bit harsh!” James said, remembering the new pub he saw on the corner last night. There previously had been a a small grass field there, with a tree in the centre. “So they cut the tree down to build the set?”

“Oh no,” Gayle added. “The tree’s still there. The pub is a wooden frame built around that grass area.”

“And why is the pub significant anyway?” James looked at Olivia.

“We were playing supernatural detectives, and we operated out of the Ram Arms, which was a hotbed of supernatural activity.” Olivia said. “Those three filmed their last scenes earlier in the day, and then went to the pub in the village where they spent the rest of the day commiserating. I had to film my final scene on the bus at night, which is where you came along, James. Danny was the night director, so hadn’t met them until they crashed the set later. We saw it all from the bus. They wanted a time lapse scene of the bus with us on it from sunset through to the dark of night. My character was due to be written out by being stuck on the bus.”

“OK.” James was confused. “A bit confused, but OK. Why make you film it at all if you were being replaced?”

“Contracts” Gayle said.

“So, enough about us.” Kate was depressed enough already. “Your Nanna and Grandpa lived here? In this house, James?”

“Yes they did.” James said with a smile. “I’m named after my Grandpa. James is my middle name.”

“And your first name is…?” Gayle prompted, eager to get to know more about this new man who was finding out a lot about the girls.

“Malcolm.” James replied.

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