The issue isn’t so much the charred surfaces (they can easily be cleaned up with a sprinkling of Vim and a bit of elbow grease, or, as an alternative, page four of the Wizard’s Pocket-sized Handbook from 1984) but the puddles of water and watermarks around the kitchen, and the clumps of baking soda splattered around the place. They too aren’t as bad as they could have been, all things considered, but there’s no way they could be left as is… this is a kitchen, after all.

Time passes quickly when writing, and as the Handbook dealt with the charred bits, the team (plus me in my role as special guest star) mopped, brushed, cleaned, polished, stacked and sterilised in quick time, remembering many hands make light work, yet totally forgetting about the refurbishment Chris was organising… although, in all fairness, if we hadn’t worked as hard as we had, we’d have noticed that Chris wasn’t with us, and if she had been, we wouldn’t have needed to have worked as hard as we had as she’d have reminded us about the refurb. Still, it’s done now… a nice clean kitchen ready for a nice new one.

Denise takes me to the corner, mentioning the spooky old larder there as we walk over to it, but I’m taken aback when she asks me “Where is it?”

I can see it clearly – dust and cobweb covered old-style lettering on the heavy wooden door, L A R D E R, but Denise tells me all she can see is the white tiles where the two walls meet – it’s almost as though we are in two separate places at the same time; that’s the thing with the SSC&B – where realities collide – the edge of one overlaps with the side of another, and things are open to more than just interpretation.

Posted for Six Sentence Stories, where the prompt word this week is ‘Edge.

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    1. I don’t think any of us thought you were skiving, Chris, it’s just none of us thought/realised you were dealing with the refurb at that time…! And if you can work out where the larder should be, you’re a good ‘un – it’s totally baffling me! 😀

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  1. Yeap, you delivered once again- no doubt about that!

    To Chris’s defense, she was a bit upset by the result of the Champions League final…so, we can give her a break.. as long as she does the paperwork for the refurb.

    I have already arranged for a crew this Monday morning, to install a ceiling sprinkler system.
    And don’t worry about any residues from the crew’s work…I will stay after closing and bring it in tip-top condition…
    Besides, I can use the exercise…ya know!
    Being temporarily dead left me a nasty cramp on my right thigh…😎

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    1. You went on the FPA course as well? (I check the spec) All other paperwork in order and thanks for the understanding. Wearing black not red for the rest of the week: two counts for mourning.

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        1. The Gatekeeper’s demise, resurrection and apparent sudden disappearance (or was that just in my head). Somehow I had an idea you’d washed up in Whitby…
          (sorry for the thread highjack, Tom)

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          1. No, it was not and thank you for the mourning.
            But, the Epilogue brings me back at the Cafè when you are wondering about the reporter and my absence. No death of the Gatekeeper has occured now and we move along with our stories and adventures…Nolan to blame!

            Tom, million apologies for the hijack.

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          2. well, it occurs to me
            (Ayyiee!! writers, fictional characters, innuendae(plot-transitive faerie like creatures) and Readers staring in dismay at the un-locked door to the Commentarium)


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    1. That’s probably it, Sue! 🙂
      Although I had a patterned shirt once, which I’d spilt ketchup down the front… not wanting it to stain, I used a dab of Vanish and gently rubbed. The ketchup remained, but the pattern was removed nicely from the patch! 🙄🤣
      That actually adds more power to the explanation of the missing Larder! 🙂

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  2. Good work in the scullery, Tom

    I share your pleasure in both Nick’s return and, in the way of most of us who are comfortable in a realities loosely restrained, the art of (his) departing (temporarily). Both are manifestations of the cool thing about this ‘fictional’ ‘reality’ (am ‘I’ overdoing the ‘quotes’ schtick’)
    Glad you’re comfortable here/there at the Six Sentence Café and Bistro

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  3. But Tom, you didn’t tell us what was IN the larder!! This is very important! Although I suppose, on reflection, being a spooky old larder the contents might have left something to be desired….but even so! Me wanna know what was in spooky old larder! If you opened the door…maybe Chris could see it 😉It may have altered the fabric of reality if you did so, allowing insight to the blind!!! 😂

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