Deep, heavy thoughts need bringing into check,
‘Lighten up, man’,
Says one from the flower power set,
Release the darkness,
Run and sing free
Be the best for yourself and our human family
Open a new book of life,
Turn to a blank page,
Allow unfettered thoughts diminish the rage,
Write freely,
With a flourish and also a twist,
Any word that appears you wish to dismiss
Thrust the dark feelings out from your mind
Be ruthless, grill yourself, be cruel to be kind
Train yourself
To see things in a far better way
And finish with gratitude;
Welcome the freedom of a brand new day

(A repost from 2016)

12 thoughts

    1. I’m pleased you like my repost, Sue! 🙂
      I think it’s a bit too smiley now, though… I’m slowly working through the pictures, I should have a more permanent avatar soon…!
      And thank you, Sue.

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  1. I’m ready!!!! We are blessed with a new day everyday and it is up to us how that day turns out! Feel gratitude and embrace whatever comes your way, bad or good, because remember, there is always a brand new day! VK

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