One more card to turn.

One more move to make.

The players are lining up nicely.

The rules of this game may be fluid on the whole, although each part must be made up of six sentences; no more, no less.

The events are already happening, have happened and will happen right at this moment, based in and around the Six Sentence Café & Bistro… it’s all a game of chance… will it be Seven Proprietors High?

Only by turning the card will that answer be revealed, although perhaps another player will  join the mix – that’s the thing with chance – after all, there is always more to this story.

A second Six Sentence Story, where the key word is Fluid. With apologies to the proprietors whose unlikenesses have been used in this post…

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    1. Thanks, Larry, but the post isn’t really a story either, looking at it! A lot of my posts are just words thrown together… I have a fluid writing style! 😉


  1. Seven proprietors for the Six Sentence Café & Bistro? Now perhaps if one of the six were to find their demise by an outside entity, then I could see another take their place. (Harry has an alibi, dammit!)

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    1. It’s a big, albeit un-named, city.
      Characters are like parking meters* every street’s got ’em, what really is important is the model of the car and the reason for the quarters**
      Don’t tell anyone, but there may be another public function, like Chris’s book release, coming up at the Café, might be a perfect time to search the crowd for suspects. Your boy Harry would totally fit in, provided he found hisself a client and a job first.

      *ok, go ahead, better we hear it from a friend (if not an associate): Just how anachronistic are parking meters? Wait! I don’t want need to know. The beauty part of the blogosphere, in general, and these stories, in particular, is that it matters only as much as the author, the characters and the Readers care.
      ** the last time I used a parking meter

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  2. “Would I like to leave a comment?” Absolutely! No matter what day it is!
    Fiction writing is all about fluidity which is what makes it so enjoyable. I love not knowing week to week who might drop into the Café.

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    1. That’s the fun of the Six Sentence Stories, Icewolf. The characters on the cards are meant to be the likenesses of the Propietors to the Bistro.


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