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  1. Well now TL….I enjoy a look at the leaves on the bushes and trees for faces etc, but one would have to be superman and have xray vision to see those guys. Pretty location, no wonder they hang out there. Looks like a pretty day too…Thanks…VK

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    1. My pleasure, Debbie. This wasn’t my first choice for the post, but a little more tricky than the one I had in mind (which I couldn’t find!) 🙂


    1. Hehehe! I actually knew they were there when the photo was took, Prenin. They are slightly more hidden in the photo, I’ll admit! 😄


    1. They are there, but extremely well hidden. My microscopic eyesight was working well that day, Elaine! Well, that, and they moved, which gave their location away! 😀

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