Wordle: Sleep Well, Now


Ignore the bells as they chime so loud
Try to sleep through the thunder sounds
Imagine walking upon a peaceful shore
The lightning – the howls – you must ignore
Mimic peace, let out a sigh
Ignore the heavy blood red sky
Stay calm, relax, breathe in deep
Even as the thick mist creeps
Send a signal to your very soul
That pines for rest through every toll
Be a stack of pebbles through crashing waves
Limber for dancing between the graves


16 comments on “Wordle: Sleep Well, Now”

  1. Not sure how well I’ll sleep now! The night has suddenly got very spooky…and what’s this about ignoring the howls??!!! How rude! It won’t work, I will howl all the louder now you’ve said that and nobody will get any sleep at all!! šŸ˜‰

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