One Word Sunday this week has an ‘Orange’ theme. I’ve discovered that I don’t have a great deal of photos that would be classed as truly orange, but I have decided to go with these two photos of flowers that grew from my Seedlings earlier this year. They are actually yellow, but they do have a splash of orange in them… and a splash of orange is better than no orange at all!

The first photo is a close up as was… the second has been tweaked just a tad by one of the filter options on the mobile phone.

I think an ideal option this week, to link in with my Hallowe’en theme, would be pumpkins… but I don’t have any and therefore don’t have any photos of them either; but they would have been here instead, if I had!

Visit Debbie’s site for more interpretations on the theme.


20 Comments on “Orange

  1. I was about to say, I’m surprised you didn’t go with pumpkins, when I saw the last part of your post haha. I have had a very orange month. It is fiery fall, after all 😊

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  2. Are you seriously telling me you have not got a pumpkin in the house Tom 😳 I don’t believe it, get yourself down to your local supermarket first thing tomorrow 😉

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