Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Shadow’, and today I am using a few old photos for my interpretation.

Photo number one contains hardly a shadow, but there is a slight one there…

Photo number two features the tiniest hint of shadow, but the butterfly isn’t that much larger itself…

And photo number three most definitely features a shadow… my old friend Shadow the Cat!

And a black cat fits in nicely with my theme of Halloween!

Visit Debbie’s site to see more interpretations of the theme.


  1. Good photos dude, just don’t eat the mushrooms and if you handle one wash your hands THOROUGHLY!!! 🙂

    Momma Nature has some nasty tricks up her sleeve… 😦

    God Bless! 🙂


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  2. Is the cat yours? (I so want him to be, as I can then envisage you as a Warlock on Halloween!)

    Love the photo of the Butterfly! The close up detail is brilliant. Look at those stripes on his legs and antennae! Is that a show off or is that a show off?!! (Do you know that they use their antennae to smell things and for balance? Yes, it’s true!)

    Now the mushroom … well this will tickle you. When I saw the picture on my ‘Reader’ … I thought it was a Komondor Dog! I seriously thought you’d bought yourself a dog and decided to share it with us! LOL.

    The mushroom is great … but I would have preferred the dog. lol.

    GREAT photos Tom. ~ Cobs. 😀

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    1. Hi Cobs, no Shadow wasn’t mine, he was just one of my feline friends who would call around regularly. He was slightly feral so I was never sure what mood he was in, but he always liked to call by and say (well, screech!) hello! If you want me to be a warlock on Hallowe’en then by all means think it! I’m not planning on performing any magickal tricks this year, but there’s still time!
      I didn’t know that about the butterfly’s antenna – you learn something new everyday! I loved this butterfly when I saw it, and it graciously waited for my while I dashed to get my mobile phone to get a few photos of it.
      And as for the mushroom / dog – yes you did make me laugh! And it does look like a dog in the header photo. Sorry it was only a mushroom! 😀

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      1. The mushroom … big dissappointment. BIG dissappointment! 😉

        I love the butterfly too. The photo is such a wonderful one, I feel that it could win you an accolade if you entered it into some photographic competition, Tom. Maybe have a bit of a search around to see what’s on offer at the moment.

        Anyhoo ….
        when I call round, trick or treating, on Halloween, I shall be very disappointed if I find that you’re not wearing your Warlock costume. (Obviously make it a friendly warlock, for I don’t want to run screaming down the street with fear!)
        You’ll recognise me, I’ll be dressed up like the little Angel I truly am. 😇 … 🤣

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        1. I’ve gone for the zombie look again this year, Cobs. For some reason, my warlock costume appears to have shrunk (rather considerably, I must add!)
          Apologies for the mushroom, though. I will do better next time.


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