Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is ‘Shadow’, and today I am using a few old photos for my interpretation.

Photo number one contains hardly a shadow, but there is a slight one there…

Photo number two features the tiniest hint of shadow, but the butterfly isn’t that much larger itself…

And photo number three most definitely features a shadow… my old friend Shadow the Cat!

And a black cat fits in nicely with my theme of Halloween!

Visit Debbie’s site to see more interpretations of the theme.

17 Comments on “Shadow

    • I think she did, Beverly.
      (I did have the urge to say ‘hopefully not on the same plate’ (black cats and mushrooms) but I refrained. And then I didn’t!)

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  1. Good photos dude, just don’t eat the mushrooms and if you handle one wash your hands THOROUGHLY!!! 🙂

    Momma Nature has some nasty tricks up her sleeve… 😦

    God Bless! 🙂


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  2. Is the cat yours? (I so want him to be, as I can then envisage you as a Warlock on Halloween!)

    Love the photo of the Butterfly! The close up detail is brilliant. Look at those stripes on his legs and antennae! Is that a show off or is that a show off?!! (Do you know that they use their antennae to smell things and for balance? Yes, it’s true!)

    Now the mushroom … well this will tickle you. When I saw the picture on my ‘Reader’ … I thought it was a Komondor Dog! I seriously thought you’d bought yourself a dog and decided to share it with us! LOL.

    The mushroom is great … but I would have preferred the dog. lol.

    GREAT photos Tom. ~ Cobs. 😀

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    • Hi Cobs, no Shadow wasn’t mine, he was just one of my feline friends who would call around regularly. He was slightly feral so I was never sure what mood he was in, but he always liked to call by and say (well, screech!) hello! If you want me to be a warlock on Hallowe’en then by all means think it! I’m not planning on performing any magickal tricks this year, but there’s still time!
      I didn’t know that about the butterfly’s antenna – you learn something new everyday! I loved this butterfly when I saw it, and it graciously waited for my while I dashed to get my mobile phone to get a few photos of it.
      And as for the mushroom / dog – yes you did make me laugh! And it does look like a dog in the header photo. Sorry it was only a mushroom! 😀

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      • The mushroom … big dissappointment. BIG dissappointment! 😉

        I love the butterfly too. The photo is such a wonderful one, I feel that it could win you an accolade if you entered it into some photographic competition, Tom. Maybe have a bit of a search around to see what’s on offer at the moment.

        Anyhoo ….
        when I call round, trick or treating, on Halloween, I shall be very disappointed if I find that you’re not wearing your Warlock costume. (Obviously make it a friendly warlock, for I don’t want to run screaming down the street with fear!)
        You’ll recognise me, I’ll be dressed up like the little Angel I truly am. 😇 … 🤣

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        • I’ve gone for the zombie look again this year, Cobs. For some reason, my warlock costume appears to have shrunk (rather considerably, I must add!)
          Apologies for the mushroom, though. I will do better next time.


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