It’s One Word Sunday once again, and this week, Debbie’s theme is ‘Pink’. The Seedlings are on their way out now, but every time I look at them there is always a new flower that has opened. They have been a remarkable surprise this year, those little Seedlings have!

A few days ago, I spotted this blood red flower, all by itself apart from one of the pink flowers a little way behind it. I knew that this week’s theme was going to be ‘Pink’, but I used one of the pink Seedlings for my interpretation of ‘Wet’ last week, so didn’t want to use another one of those… I saw this and thought it would be a good compromise. The pink element has been fulfilled, if only as a splash of background colour, and this little flower now gets to live on forever more! And it has a subtle link to my Hallowe’en theme for this month as well!

9 Comments on “Pink

  1. The pink works well as a background colour, and the red one is great with all its detail.
    My One Word is really only there for inspiration, so I’m more than happy with this interpretation Tom

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    • Thanks, Debbie. Sometimes, my responses to your themes are a bit ‘out there’… but I’m pleased this one is allowed! 😀


  2. Nature’s beautiful gifts my friend, only to fade when the year is done – until the next generation! 🙂

    God Bless!


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