*For now!

Dear Blogland,
Hello, and welcome for calling by this, the last Letters to the Universe post for this particular run. Thank you for your continued support and for popping around for a quick read of my nonsense as and when you do. You’re always welcome and are always welcome back. Hopefully my posts fill a tiny hole of something that you didn’t realise was missing, or they make you think, or make you chuckle (at me or with me, I don’t mind!), or inspire you in the tiniest of ways. My intentions now are the same as they have always been since day one of this blog, and that is to spread a little Feel Good cheer around the world. Even if I’m not feeling as good as I could do, I hope that my woes go just a little way to make you feel a little better. In a good way, that is, not in a gloaty way, as then neither of us will be feeling particularly good!

Dear The Goddess Aphrodite,
Love your hairdo pet, and if you took off your dopier hat, you’d like it too.

Dear What Sounds Like A Rock Concert From Beyond The Grinds,
You do, honestly, sound absolutely fabulous, and I have been tapping my foot whilst typing… but as you are some distance away, should you really be so loud as to drown out my thoughts here? The poor Goddess Aphrodite must be wondering what on Earth I was blathering about in the last letter.

Dear Heatwave,
So, you’re back are you? Hello again… but please don’t outstay your welcome. I’d much prefer normal temperatures any day! Oh, but thank you for calling by!

Dear Watercolours,
I had a chance to use you the other day and took it! Sadly, events conspired so that things didn’t turn out as expected, but you were still fun to use all the same. Sometimes, it isn’t what you get that matters, but it’s what you do… and I had fun, so it’s all good!

Dear Everyday Folk,
Good seeing you going about your day as normal. Fabulous in fact. Would you mind awfully paying a little more attention at the road junction with the filter light that works outside of the normal traffic light system? It seems a tad rude to pip you from behind, but when there’s a long line of vehicles waiting to go through, sometimes it just has to be done.

Dear White Splots,
I’m still finding you after the pen incident the other day. I think you will now be a permanent reminder not to use that type of pen again!

And Finally, Dear All,
Well, that’s it. Not much going on in Tomland, my particular area of Blogland, this week. I think that’s a good thing, although time is still racing by here as I type. It won’t be long at this rate before another run of these Letters posts commences, but right now I can’t say when that will be. Before I finish, could I ask one thing? Could you look at yourself in a mirror, and really smile at yourself. Thank yourself for just being you, and know that your gratitude has been amplified by the thousands of others doing the same thing. It may not be thousands, but thinking it helps. Let’s show the world how gratitude looks! And I also thank you for being you right now!

Thank you for reading!

P.S. Just because I’ve finished with a picture since these letters began back at the beginning of May (Can you believe it?), here’s a photo of a reminder of Summer:

Not that Summer 2017 is over yet, just to be sure!


  1. Dear Letters to the Universe,
    I have enjoyed reading your mail. I hope you enjoy your sabbatical and remember to smile at yourself in the mirror in gratitude for you. I look forward to the next edition.

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  2. Dear Heatwave
    I second what Mr.Merriman said. Bedtime is uncomfortable when Humid is in the room. Kindly do something about it.
    Thank you.

    Dear Mr. Merriman
    Thank you for your splendid Letters to the Universe. They have been immensely enjoyable to read, and I shall miss them. However, I know there is something else you have planned, so am looking forward to seeing this new show stopper.

    Yours sincerely
    CEO The Cobweborium Emporium.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Cobs,
      Thank you once again for your fabulous thoughts.
      The ‘new idea’ is coming along nicely, but it isn’t quite ready yet. As for showstopper… well, erm… it may be like one of those fireworks that fizzles rather than bangs. We shall see.

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  3. Another fine missive my friend!!! 🙂

    Hopefully it won’t get too warm for you – here it has been pleasant enough and the suns heat baked into the walls is oozing through so it is 23.5’C in my bedroom – the fan will be useful tonight! 🙂

    Thanks as always for making me smile my friend and I hope you feel inspired to continue at some point! 🙂

    God Bless and Beep Beep!!! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Prenin… the temperatures haven’t been as bad as I feared, so that’s good.
      Pleased I made you smile – that is one of the reasons I blog.
      And it was inspiration that told me to park the letters posts for now, and try something new. I didn’t want to go straight into the ‘new idea’ so there will be a tiny gap before it starts.

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  4. I do like this feature, even though I get here but rarely. Have you noticed that Elaine is too busy to post as well? My Fridays are in danger of falling flat. Nothing to do but grin back at that silly person in the mirror. Thanks, Tom! You’re a nice guy. 🙂 🙂

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