ATC: Wyvern

So. I had planned on posting a new ATC each week for my new Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series. And here I am posting another ATC, a day after the first one.

Why? Well, thank you for asking. I so enjoyed creating yesterday’s Phoenix, I decided that I couldn’t wait until next week to do another, so went right ahead and created one right here right now. Well, earlier, as you’ll be reading this after the event.

Today’s Mythical Being is the Wyvern. Often mistaken for a dragon, wyverns have two legs whereas dragons have four. It’s an easy mistake to make, but don’t go calling a wyvern a dragon. They’re quite touchy.

Once again pastels, gold and silver markers and gel pens were used for this mini creation (2.5 inches by 3.5 inches is the ATC size).

If you think I’m a dragon
More fool you
Dragons have four legs
I have two
I have long strong wings
And a sharp barbed tail
Try to find me
You will surely fail
But pay attention
Look up and down
You may see my images
All around town
If it’s a dragon
That you think you see…
Remember the Wyvern
Remember me


I’ve reposted this little rhyme I’ve written about the Wyvern quite a few times, so I think it’s due for another outing.

Tomorrow, I shall try for a written post. But me and plans, y’know…

17 Comments on “ATC: Wyvern

    • There’s a whole host of these little creatures out there, Beverly.
      I shall try to find and interpret a few of the more unusual ones!


  1. Love your wyvern Wyvern? ‘Coz Vern’s ‘is namel

    I should have had you around when I wrote Baa Baa Black Belt That features wyverns and griffons and such.

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    • That would probably have helped me with a few more of these creatures I’m planning to create in ATC form, Col.
      See if I come up with a few others…


      • Couldn’t resist giving you a quote from Baa to check yours against:

        ‘Well then, that was the worst bad joke ever! I’ve never even heard of one of those things,’ said Lightning. ‘I’ve heard of trolls, and dragons, and wyverns, and ogres, and griffons, which are cute little flat-faced dogs, and griffins or gryphons, which are anything but cute dogs, and a group of Greek Ghastlies like Hydras, Cyclops, Harpies, the Cerberus from Erebus, and Gorgons, and Centaurs, but nothing whatever like this Dreffle thing…’ The pony obviously had his breath back.
        ‘Wotsa griffin-not-a-dog?’ Mary asked, having listened in wonder to this list.
        ‘A winged lion with an eagle head,’ said Lightning, with a spot of smugness.

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  2. Fabulous painting – a little bit scary because he looks kind of angry about something. Maybe someone stole his sausage, or Mc.Donalds forgot to include his hash brown with his breakfast muffin. I feel it’s food which he needs. Feed him Tom for goodness sake.

    LOVE the brilliant poem. YOU made that up??? Woooow. You’ve just gained 10 points on the ‘Cleverest Boy in School’ chart.

    I think you may have caught the painting bug. Don’t try to stop it Tom. We will enjoy seeing all of your works of heart. Just let your imagination run loose and we’ll come along with you for the ride.
    ~ C. x

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    • Thanks, Cobs. 😀
      I think he’s annoyed ‘coz someone probably shouted from the other side of the street “Hey! Look! There’s a dragon!” Definitely a no no.
      And the poem? Yup. I wrote that ages ago, so thank you again, and I’ve added the points to my chart.
      I’m not exactly painting again yet, Cobs, but I am smudging which is along the same lines give or take a technique or two.
      Hopefully, you’ll like my next creation. Hopefully, I will too! Whatever and whenever that will be… 😉

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  3. Great poem and Awesome creature, I mean wyvern! I don’t know much about dragons and such but I enjoyed your art! ATC’s are so fun to do! Cheers! 🎨👍🐲

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