I’m back to being creative again… well, a little anyhow.

I’ve decided to venture on to a new series of ATC creations. ATCs (or Artist’s Trading Cards) are small artistic creations that measure 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. The last time I created ATCs was during July’s World Watercolour Month, when I did them using the medium of watercolour. Goes without saying really.

This time around, however, I’m not limited to watercolour. That isn’t to say I won’t use watercolour, as I probably will, but with ATCs anything goes, as long as that anything fits within the boundary of the tiny blank canvas.

For today’s ATC, I’ve used pastels, gel pens and gold and silver marker pens. ‘Phoenix’ is the first in my Mythical Beings and Imaginary Friends series.

This is my first time at using pastels, and I found them quite easy to use and very smudgy! I’ve never washed my hands as much as I have whilst creating this little picture, but it was all fun. It passed a couple of hours as I got carried away with it, which is good.

Both images on this post are a little misleading as they don’t actually show the real size, but as the series progresses you’ll see that they really are ATC size.


  1. I love using oil pastels! You need to try smudging them and layering them. The effects can be quite stunning. And also ‘carving into the image too. Or just slathering lots of colours all over and then covering it with black. And then using something with a pointy bit to draw into it…… don’t bother too much with the hand washing till you’re done or you’ll wash your skin off !

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  2. Oh Tom!!! This is BRILLIANT! The wings ‘match’ – same shape, same size, same markings. . The colours are wonderful, and the fire is fabulous.

    I’m impressed with the word ‘PHOENIX’ – it’s all evenly spaced and fills the space perfectly which I know from personal experience isn’t the easiest thing as it takes a lot of working out!

    The hand washing …. I keep a pack of ‘Huggies Pure’ (Baby wipes) – They’re the best wipes in a craft room as they don’t have any alcohol in them – and you need wipes like that for a few reasons, not just for wiping your hands. (one of which is that if you decide to use any rubber stamps in your artwork, you can clean your rubber stamps with those particular wipes without damaging the stamps).
    I also keep a pack of Water Wipes – again, not just for cleaning hands. These are amazing when using watercolours – as you can use them on anything you’re painting, in order to mute the colours a little. They will take off some of the colour you’ve applied, but will still leave some there on your paper/canvas. You can also remove some of the colour you have on your paintbrush if you have a little too much.
    Aw, I shall shut up. I’m probably telling you things you already know. (please feel happy to remove that huge chunk of this comment so that I don’t fill up your page! [sigh])

    I love this ATC. Very well done, my artistic friend.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you, Cobs! 😀
      I have some baby wipes, but they’re full of alcohol apparently, although they’ll do for me grubby fingers for now.
      I haven’t thought of using them for watercolour, however… however it makes perfect sense… better than the bits of loo roll I used for my last lot of paintings!
      And not at all. I’m always learning. Tips are good… some are new, some I knew but forgotten, but everything helps!

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