Dear Blogland,
Apologies but this post will be short, succinct, and to the point. Not at all waffly.

Dear Hole Punches,
You may or may not be aware (but being hole punches you probably won’t be), the leftover pieces of paper after the hole has been punched is called a chad. Those tiny, useless, round pieces of paper, or what was left of the holes, actually have a name. Chad.

Dear The Word Pettifog,
I’m not quibbling. These letters are short. They aren’t shifty. And are most certainly not unethical.

Dear Stars,
How magnificent you look, twinkling in the night sky as you do. You look like tiny flashes of light, but we all know that that isn’t really the case. And you have more energy than we can shake a stick at as well!

Dear Condensed Soups,
Is it wrong to like you condensed?

Dear Space,
Not space where the stars are, or space on a chad, but space on this blog post… how can you be running out already?

Dear Week,
Thank you for passing quickly once again. Could you please expand this weekend for me? Or at least slow it down?

Dear Full Version Of Letters To The Universe,
See you next week!

Dear Tom,
You’ve written eight letters already. You may as well write the other two.

Dear Inner Tom,
There. Happy?

And to finish… Dear All,
Time. It’s a funny old thing, isn’t it? One second we have it in abundance, and in another, well, it’s gone in a second. Make the most of those abundant times; slow down and enjoy everything just as it is. You’ll be back in the race before you know it!

Thank you for reading!


A quick photo showing a second slowing down to a single point in time. To the point. Just because.


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