The Carved Man

Earlier this year, I went for a walk through the woods that surround the local dam, and I stumbled across this chap, who was remarkably camouflaged until I was right upon him:

Carved in an old tree, I wondered if he was there to welcome visitors or ward off any unwelcome spirits.

Tonight, with hardly any time to dip a paintbrush into water, I decided to paint my interpretation of this chap. Initial sketching, painting, and photographing took only thirty minutes – you can probably tell. Writing this took another thirty, and put my schedule back even more. Ah well. What’s time anyway?

He also reminds me of the king in a pack of playing cards, but Cheshire also has ancient links to the legend of King Canute, so something is telling me that this is a carving of him. It probably isn’t, but I’m happy to think that it is. So once again, I’ve painted a face. With black eyes. This time, however, the eyes are meant to be black, and I’m quite pleased with how they’ve turned out. Every silver cloud…

This is another painting for #WorldWatercolorMonth, which runs throughout July.

12 Comments on “The Carved Man

  1. What a mysterious find Tom. I love that you took the time to paint it and write about it and how you contrasted him with pink background. Very cool!

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  2. How cool! I wonder what his rune stands for? I looked up runes and it might stand for an ‘N’… or a torch, if it was carved backward. Inquiring minds want to know… 🙂

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  3. My first thought was that this was a carving of The Green Man … but my inner feeling is that it’s not.
    I did think that it looked very much like Professor Dumbledore – when played by Richard Harris, (Headmaster of Hogwarts in the JK Rowling stories about Harry Potter). But Dumbledore doesn’t wear a crown.

    I have absolutely no idea what the upturned ‘y’ is.
    Is it a rambling sign?
    Is it a walkers route guide?
    Is it a rune?
    Is it a Greek symbol?


    The painting is incredible Tom. The light, the shade, … all make the ‘face’ come alive. You’ve given it depth and expression, which is absolutely incredible.

    What’s the size of the painting? It looks bigger than your ATC’s.

    It’s a truly spectacular painting Tom. Lovely job my talented friend.
    ~ Cobs. x

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    • Pleased you liked it, Cobs, but I’m sorry for the mind malfunction there.
      Oops. Seems to be catching.
      Yes, this painting is larger than the ATCs. It’s 210×297… commonly known as A4.

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