Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is Repetitive. I found myself looking at jobs which are repetitive, but then realised that most jobs actually are… we do the same thing over and over again, maybe with slight differences, but the main thing itself is generally repetitive. So, I decided to narrow the search down to one particular job. That of cheese grating.

Don’t get me wrong. Cheese grating isn’t a difficult task, but it requires the same repetitive motion to get the job done. That was when my attention turned to my cheese grater, and the repetitive pattern on its sides.

I took several photos of it, some of which were (I’d like to say deliberately) out of focus, but I think I like these more than the shot that was mostly in focus. I’ve included three photos below which show the transition from very out of focus to not so out of focus.

Visit Debbie’s site for more takes on this week’s theme.



  1. A great idea Tom – repetitive task, repetitive patterns. I don’t know if I’d have worked out what it was if you hadn’t said, certainly not the first two! Great play with light. Thanks for bringing your art to the OWS Challenge.

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  2. You know what the most amazing thing is? The not so focused look like lights…I thought that was what it was at first…and the focused one…it reminds me of the Universe! With the stars out! And that…from a cheese grater! Now, to only translate that into our see the beauty in even the so called mundane repetitive things we do or happen 🙂

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