February 14th. If you celebrate it, enjoy. Otherwise, HAPPY TUESDAY!!!


    1. Ah well, Prenin, never mind. If like me you don’t celebrate the day, it doesn’t matter that no cards arrive… wherever they got lost to in the post. I don’t think marking them ‘return to sender’ helps… πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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      1. Oh of course you celebrate … You have a heart. Heart = Love … ie: Love of life; Love of food; Love of nature; Love of the galaxies; Love of all things that make you happy. ❀️ See? Now, don’t you feel like a Heart Day celebrater. 😁

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          1. YAY … he’s back from Kansas or wherever people go to be inspired to write again. I’m still in Kansas seeking inspiration. Some weeks I have something to say … some weeks not-so-much. I think the weather has been taking me away to la-la-land. It’s been glorious with temps in the low 70’s and no humidity. Perfect to lounge on my hammock. Maybe, tomorrow … : )

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