Be a sport and answer my question
I want three names in quick succession
There’s nothing to win, but my head’s in a spin
And my instincts have fell foul to the fact
That although the tale I know well, these details I truly lack.
These magi brought with them gifts many years ago,
One ruddy, one gold, and the other yellow,
To a baby born in a manger,
Surrounded by animals, people and Angels,
And beneath a star up on high and lit bright in the sky…
Think for a moment, take on board what I’ve said
Or with great momentum hit ‘search’ on the web
Which is what I should have done before writing this,
And now wise to that fact I know what the answer is.


By the way, if like me you didn’t know, the Three Wise Men were Melchior from Persia, Balthazar from Babylon and Gaspar from India. It’s easy when you know it!


  1. These are the same dudes that venture to the mansion every Christmas are they not? The ones who leave you goodies at your doorstep and worship your presence in the world? Amazing what the mansion can create! Lucky you…Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! VK 🙂

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  2. I played a wise man in the kids panto at school when I was little – my only claim to fame apart from meeting John Pertwee who was a real dude!!! 🙂

    God Bless my friend!!! 🙂


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      1. The one with the Gold! 🙂

        Can’t remember the words now, but I remember the box kept falling apart so I needed to hold in in both hands!!! 🙂

        No pictures of the event hun – we wuz poor in them days… 😦

        Love and hugs!


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    1. They did indeed, Beth… and apart from gold, I had to look up the colours of the other two as well! 😀
      And, hehehe, thanks for asking, including today’s post, I have now clocked up 2,017 posts. I recently well and truly smashed my target! 😀

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  3. I would be a disgrace to my Catholic school education if I didn’t remember the names of those very special wisemen.
    But, have I used it at all in my life? No. Ssooo … I wasted brain matter. I can Google it now ,,, or … read it here. ~~~ : – )
    I enjoyed the wordle. Well done …
    Isadora 😎

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    1. Thanks, Isadora. We have a lot of stuff in our heads that we don’t use… yet sometimes, when asked, we know we know it, yet it just doesn’t spring forth. Maybe all the other stuff gets in the way.

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