Enid shivered beneath the great rock. Carmichael tried his best to keep the fire burning, but the strong winds and torrential rain thwarted his every move.

They were both caked in mud, as was Snowy, the normally pure white cat that had strangely befriended them.

“I wish I could find us somewhere better to live, Enid.” Carmichael sounded dejected.

“We’re doing fine” Enid replied, “It’s only every now and again we have this kind of weather to put up with.”

“No… but…” Carmichael thought. “Do you believe in magic? I’m going to conjure up a magic house just for us. Just you wait and see.”

“Well, I’ll believe that when I see it.” Snowy cuddled up close to Enid, purring loudly. Her attention was grabbed by something in the rock above, and she stared intently. Enid followed her gaze. “Carmichael… the rock… it’s sparkling…”

“Told you. The magic’s started already!”


A pre-visit to Enid and Carmichael, this. We first met them just before Halloween last year, and then once again in April this year. The pair used to live in a dig-out under a bridge, but when the weather took a turn for the worse they’d move temporarily into a small cave, which offered them no protection from the elements whatsoever, but it felt safer than being under the rickety old bridge. This conversation may or may not have been the starting point for their sudden change of circumstances, but it certainly set some wheels in motion. Strange things happen… especially with these two.


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