Gently swaying, I’m carried forwards…
Ripples reflecting starlight in a blissful rhythm,
Wind carrying echoes from the nearby shores and sounds from the not-too-distant forest,
Subdued Moonlight enhances the stars’ brightness,
And the Gateway to the Universe lies ahead of me

Each star a dream
Each sun a symbol of hope
Each segment of space a doorway to goodness knows where.

Getting there is the issue.


The mind can get to places even ships can’t at present. The mind has unlimited abilities.

The mind can do good for many.

Look skywards. Feel the inspiration. Use your mind. Reach for the stars.


  1. Time travel is alive and well and being done all the time by the military…Sign up and go wherever you want TL 🙂 Love…love…love the blue!!! The reflections on the water are so real…Perhaps viewing your painting creates time travel for the viewer? Hmmmm….Seems like I am right there! Great one….VK


    1. Thanks, VK. Would you believe me if I told you that the blue in this picture is actually a slightly tweaked version of the red ‘Mars’ picture I created with the texture paste? It’s amazing what you can do with computers nowadays!
      As for time travel… well, you know me… always zipping here and there! 😀


  2. Space, the final frontier… 🙂

    The nearest I’ll get to space travel will be ‘No Man’s Sky’ when I finally get the money together to buy it! 🙂

    God Bless!


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  3. I’m impressed with the way you wove the words. I like these lines very much “Each star a dream
    Each sun a symbol of hope
    Each segment of space a doorway to goodness knows where.”
    I see the August theme is Mind Walking. I’m sure my mind fits into this theme quite well. Now that I’m catching up with my bloggers, I may attempt this one.
    Isadora 😎
    p.s. I’m hopping around your blog because that’s the way my mind is working right now. It’s called overload. (i.e.: trying to do more than one thing at once … LOL)


    1. Thanks, Isadora… I had to re-read this myself to see what I’d written! 😀 Talk about overload!
      My posts can be read in any order – not many of them follow on (but sometimes, even reading those that do, in any order, may help them to make more sense!)
      Just a scattering of ideas! 😀

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