#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twentyeight

Another quick one as I find myself caught up within the vortex of time… I’ve just grabbed a hold of reality long enough to get this little chap put into watercolour. He’s only small today, due to the vines of time that are latching onto me limb by limb, trying desperately to pull me out of this little pocket into numerous other possibilities which are all a split second away.

One of those pockets will involve me blog visiting, and writing something sensible. One can hope… did you read my hair post? You should have read the deleted one! I’m beginning to think that during this whirlwind vortex ride I’m currently being whipped along on, I’ve – or at least a part of my mind has (a tiny part, one hopes!) – been replaced by a lookalikee…

So. A quick image search led me to this cute critter – or rather the one this one is based on – so I had to paint him. Just a few quick pencil lines filled in with a few splatters of yellow, orange, red and black. I was going to use a touch of blue for the snow… but then dabbed a few splotches of white over the top instead. Some faded, some remained… just as the snow it is meant to represent does occasionally.


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