It’s early evening on the Nature Trail today, and we’ve quietly come across a long-eared owl. The tufts on the top of its head are feathers and not ears, although they look like them. It only raises them when alarmed, so, like the squirrel the other day, we’ve once again spooked a little critter. Oops.

This one took a little longer than yesterday’s stag, about an hour, due to all the fiddly little markings and the el-cheapo paints drying out before I’d finished them, which meant the colour faded. In the end, I resorted to watercolour pencils to finish the job, otherwise I’d have been here until Kingdom Come. I’ve got the basic shape, but just wish I could have done more with the markings. The eyes also haven’t come across well in the photo, as they are slightly more orange in the original… but only just. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the flash. Still, it’s all trial and error!

Will there be anything on the trail tomorrow, I wonder? If so, I hope it’s something plain!


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