There’s some odd creatures on this #NatureDoodlewash. Believe you me.

I moved the green garden bin earlier, and out from underneath scuttered about a million and one earwigs and woodlice, they were probably sheltering from all of this rain we’re currently having.

Inspired by the sheer volume of these creepy crawlies, I decided to do an actual watercolour painting on actual watercolour paper with actual watercolour paints (and not watercolour pencils) of an earwig. Well, that was my intention.

As it turned out, I changed my mind, and decided to go for the woodlouse instead, with its tiny armour-plating. So, I drew my basic shapes, and inked them with India ink (in a very fine pen, I must say. I mean the nib was very fine, although the pen itself was fine as well, I suppose!) The thing is, and completely unbeknownst to me, part of my mind still wanted to go for the earwig. So I painted what looked to me very much like a woodlouse, made it all shiny and new looking, scanned it into my computer and then started to write this post, when I suddenly noticed that it was the totally wrong shape for a woodlouse. It’s also the wrong shape for an earwig as well, so I’ve somehow come across a hybrid woodlouse-earwig larvae type creature.

I’ll just make it one better and say the painting is actual size. There. The post is nice and freaky now.

I’ve obviously not found my style yet. Insects seem to be not for me. Real ones, anyhow. The thing is, here, Beyond the Sphere, they’re all real, so that makes things a little tricky.

At least I have another watercolour creation to hide away proudly display when the time is right, and I allow myself a tad of artistic licence as well. Well, if I wanted a photograph, I’d have used a photograph!

And speaking of which, I now have to post this.

I have a new telephone lead and splitter, and a new yellow cable connecting this to that (I really must get to know computer terminology – frightening considering I work in that area!) and a new mouse. I got that for good measure. So now, it’s time to post. I’m using Open Live Writer for this post, so here goes…


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