Eagle-eyed visitors may have noticed a shortage of images around these here parts of late.

They may have also noticed a considerable shortage of my appearances around Blogland as well.

For these I apologise.

I mean, how many photos of ducks can you put up with? Or dreadful attempts at watercolour painting? Or depressing rhymes? I know that with bloggers being bloggers, these can go into the millions. We all love a good duck, a nice splash of colour and a meaninglessfull poem. That’s just the way we are. But, my internet connection is less tolerant, I believe.

I’m writing this, my 1,777th post, on my computer connected to the internet. All is fine and dandy. To post it, I have to try to post it here, which will fail, and then go to my mobile phone connected to a different network, access the drafts and post it from there.

Thinking it was my router that was the problem, I nipped out and bought myself a new one, which wouldn’t configure as there was no internet connection, so I connected everything back to the old router and I can connect OK, just not post.

So it seems I’m working on reduced power.

I think this may be what was causing all of the problems I’ve experienced intermittently on and off for the past few months; problems which I started to blame on Windows 10 (so I reinstalled the system on more than one occasion and everything seemed OK for a while, and then it went haywire again.)

The ultimate test came when I tried a broadband speed test. Download was very slow, and upload received a connection error every time. And, I need to upload an image to WordPress. I also need to upload a post… so if they’re failing, I’m not off to a very good start.

I’ll persevere. I have 2,000 posts to reach by New Year’s Eve, and I’m going to do that, by Jiminy.

Things may be a little slow. But one step at a time, we’ll get there.

So now, let the fun begin again…


  1. Knock on wood….So glad that it is not I having all those computer problems…They can be such a drag. I think continual computer problems are Creators way of intervening and saying” get off line now! take a break and reconnect with yourself instead of the world.” Just thinking….These chaotic times seem to be asking us to pay closer attention to life and how we are interacting with it. We are shedding our skins and recreating ourselves now. We are the new world unfolding. Hope you get things squared away soon TL…VK 🙂


    1. Thanks, VK. It’s during chaotic times I try to lose myself on the computer… I’m on there quite a lot at present! Ha! Must be really chaotic out there! 😀
      Hopefully, things are OK now (but I have said that before!)


  2. Sounds like your hardwiring to the internet: I’d start by replacing the filter.

    If that doesn’t work it may be time to call your ISP and see what they can do.

    You SHOULD be getting the service you pay for!!! 😦

    God Bless!


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  3. WOW … when you put the #2000 … it seems rather daunting. AND … with a messed up internet connection from time to time. Mmmmm …. hang in there. Your internet might get a boost from lightening … AND …. then, look out. Speed will overwhelm you.
    Good Luck, Tom. ~~~ : – )

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    1. It’s fast enough for me right now, Isadora! And my new mouse is ultra fast, so I’ve clicked things before I’ve even found it on the screen! And I’m getting closer ever closer to the 2000! 😀


  4. What a struggle you have with your shminternet!. Are you using a UPS? If not, you might want to consider it to make sure you’re getting consistent power to all your devices. Brown-outs, even if they’re not ‘brown’ enough to be noticeable to humans, are deadly to electronics. (BTW, if you’re not familiar with a UPS, it’s an uninterruptible power supply – a big block of plastic containing a battery and a bunch of plug-ins for your devices. The UPS plugs into your regular wall outlet and charges the battery, which then delivers consistent power to all the outlets.) Just a thought; hope it helps!

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    1. All seems OK again for now, Diane. It was a struggle though! I’ll look into the UPS though… we have them in work, so I just thought they were a work thing. Sometimes, my mind leads me in the totally opposite direction of where it needs to be!

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