Through whispered words
And elaborate actions
And a good old dose of karma

I wish the world
To put things right
Enough of all the drama

I wish the news would bugger off
And get out of my head
Or stop repeating the same old thing
And show something else instead

I wish that folk would understand
That not everyone’s the same
It’s our differences that make us unique
It’s our hatred that’s our shame

So, through whispered words
And magic wand
And a great big dose of karma

I’d like to rid the world
Of all that’s wrong
So we’re free of all the trauma.

It may take some time, but we’ll get there.Β 



    1. It was the news that caused me to write this, Elaine. I was watching it, thinking how many more times will they drum in the same (but sometimes slightly different) story? It is like brainwashing. And I watched the Changing of the Guard the other day (it looked spectacular, I must add!) but thought of its coverage on the news as those ‘hidden state’ propaganda newscasts they go on about every now and again… and then I thought who’s misleading who? It’s very strange when you see the same things differently… (sorry about the waffly reply!)


  1. You and half the world TL….I could handle a terror attack and feel sad and frustrated, but these attacks are not REAL! They are staged and that REALLY makes me angry as well as a whole lot of other folks who are awake to the truth. You may not be aware of the video made years ago about Obama called Pet Goat….Well here is a shocker that may make you see things differently…These facts are being pointed out all over the internet…We need the magic wand to make the dark disappear because then all of the drama will end. It is they who are creating it! VK 😦

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    1. That’s a strange coincidence if it’s a coincidence, VK. I saw a programme on TV once where normal everyday people suddenly flipped ‘for no apparent reason’ (under mind-control, the programme suggested) and struck out and attacked random people and then tried to harm themselves afterwards. I’m not saying this is the case this time, but there are a lot more of these ‘random’ cases occurring nowadays… or we’re just being made aware of them more.
      It comes to something when you can’t even trust yourself, doesn’t it?

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      1. Trust is lost to us at the moment. We are trying to walk across an earthquake, there is no stability to hang on to. It’s why more than ever we need ourselves! This is all CIA created drama. They have done it forever…

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