I’m STILL getting over my cold, but feel a thousand per cent better than I did yesterday. The cold is still there, however, so after this has been typed up and sent out into Blogland, I shall once again be curling up beneath my duvet and drifting gently off to the Land of Nod, before once again being dragged back into reality by a screeching alarm at 5:15am. In the morning.

I decided to treat myself to some wine earlier this evening, for the weekend, and, as my cold is now fizzling out, I decided I would walk to the shop for it.

Now, decisions and I aren’t nesacelery the best option. I could hear the thunder constantly rumbling above the Mansion. What could possibly go wrong? I thought as I set off, out through the Door, along the Driveway and out of the Grinds.

I reached the road which led onto the main road where the wine shop was, and I noticed the blacker-than-black clouds that filled the entire sky above me. It’ll pass… I thought to myself, as I continued walking.

A few steps further along the road, I noticed the light had a strange look to it. Not at all like twilight or dusk, which wasn’t actually due yet, but more of a flicker. A sizzly-look, if you like. I brushed this to one side as well, and continued walking, the gentle breeze blowing through my hair.

I then realised there was no breeze. It was dead still. Everything. The only thing moving was me. Not a leaf, a branch, a daffodil or bluebell wavered. Very odd. I walked passed a parked car, and noticed my reflection in the passenger door’s window. My hair was standing on its end. I was walking through some kind of static cloud – it was this that was causing the sizzly look, I figured.

I was in the middle of my ‘oo-er!’ moment, when a very loud clap of thunder brought me back to my senses and started me running toward the main road. I use the term ‘run’ with extreme poetic licence. At this point, the heavens opened. Not with rain, snow or hail, but prong after prong of forked lightning. All around me these bolts were sent groundwards at an alarming rate. They looked as though they were heading towards the ground anyway – they could have been going the other way. I only noticed the flashes and the crackles.

I continued running, hoping not to be singled out by one of these wild and wayward lightning bolts (luckily, I wasn’t!).

The hailstone started just before I reached the shop. Golf-ball sized, clobbering and whacking me on the head, shoulders, back, arm, legs and IN THE FACE! “Not in the face…!” I wished, as I waited for the shop’s automatic door to slide open. It had become confused by the hail, so was working slower than usual. 

Inside the shop, I dripped around to the wine aisle, selected my wine and queued at the counter waiting to be served. The assistant announced that it was raining heavily, then looked out of the door and re-announced it was hailstone the size of golf balls. Some of us in the queue were already well aware of that fact, however.

Wine paid for, I left the shop, and walked back to the Mansion. In the few short moments of me getting served, the storm had passed over. The Sun was now shining brightly once again, and everywhere was steaming nicely.

My hair was an absolute mess when I checked out my reflection in the mirror back at the Mansion. Thankfully, I didn’t have any visible hailstone-marks anywhere.

We’re in Spring now. Yes, I know we can have April Showers, but even that was pushing it a bit!


  1. The weather is being pushed to the max everyday! Woke up to 26 degrees this morning! What? That has got to stop. It is supposed to be spring and before you know it, it will be fall and we will have missed summer altogether…Crazy stuff happening. Stay dry TL…No more rain and hail if you want to heal…. VK 🙂

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