Long-time visitors to my blog may be aware that I had a ‘pull’ to the early Seventeenth Century a few years ago, and in particular the year 1642.

For some reason, I felt as if I had a connection to this time period, only I could not find out how.

I embarked on a wondrous quest to find as many facts as I could about that time period… and along the way, I did. Also along the way, however, I never found the cause of the pull. I was hoping that some fact, however trivial, would add to the strange memory I had of me looking out to sea, watching three galleon-type ships either coming in or going out. A disembodied voice, in this memory of mine, mentioned the year 1642, which is what made me concentrate more on this period.

I have a feature page created for all of the 1642 facts I came across, which can be found in one of the menus above. I found the quest very interesting, and fun, even if along the way I was pulled up for the ‘inertia’ of it all. Well, it would be slow moving considering I didn’t want to rush the search – and in fact I had no intention of doing so anyway. The facts turned up when they did, and that was that.

I was planning on having a past life regression, just to see if that would shine any light on the situation… and I may still do so. I’m a little worried now though that the facts I have come across may have embedded themselves deep within this cavernous memory of mine, only to be uncovered once more when I’m under hypnosis. When I try to think of them now, without referring to my quest page, I turn up a resounding blank… with a very audible silent echo… Told you I had a cavernous memory.

We’ll see what happens there. The pull to 1642 seems to have dwindled somewhat nowadays, and I’m not seeing any references to the period at all now, where a couple of years ago I was seeing one or two a week.

Until today.

Well, I knew it was fast approaching, but I didn’t actually realise how much so. I checked in on my dashboard earlier, and noticed that my last post was my 1,642nd post. This one now is my 1,643rd. Back in the day, I dreamed of posting something spectacular to mark this milestone – in fact, the reveal as to what my pull actually was would have topped things off nicely – it would have been an all-singing all-dancing affair, with balloons and streamers and a buffet in the Library. Instead, I posted a photo of ducks racing.

I think that tells me something. Time to move on.

I’m drawing a line under the quest now. I’ll keep the page on the site – it has some fascinating facts (albeit somewhat hidden!), but how long can we really go on chasing dreams? Time to create a new dream now, I feel.

Time to go to The Next Level, as it were.

Universe: open those floodgates – I’m coming through!!!

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  1. Maybe it isn’t about chasing the dream, but being where you need to be to let the dream chase you, and perhaps in moving to something else, it’s all exactly what it’s meant to be. I know, it sounds very profound, doesn’t it? I’ve been reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic”, you can blame her, LOL.

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