Reminiscing III

Here we are: March 13th 1066 1642 1968 2016.

I’m officially another year older. I’m not 24 years old.

And I’m still waffling on about past times.

Nibbles and snacks would have been available in the Orangery, but the parrot ate them all. Every last one of them.

It’s funny, the things you find yourself thinking about as time moves on. As I was typing this, the memory of the interior leather smell of a yellow Vauxhall Viva sprung to mind. The thing is, I’ve never been inside a Vauxhall Viva, ever in my life day to day as it is. I did sit inside one in a dream I had once – and that is where the smell is from. Very peculiar, remembering a smell from a dream. I also remember the early days of the Mansion through my dreams. Both are explained in a little detail here.

One thing that always seems to be perfect in my dreams, unlike the reality I currently live in, is my hair. Now, my hair has a mind all of its own. If I tell myself I look good (I used to do so often, on the odd occasion when I was younger!) my hair would suddenly leap into control and ruin said look. So I never really looked as good as I thought I did. But, I get revenge. The blog is an ideal tool for recording those ‘bad hair days’.

Hair aside, over the years I’ve seen some very strange things. (Maybe I haven’t moved the hair over to one side enough! No, I jest!) I mean how often do you see a polar bear walking down a road? Or snow in May? (Actually you can get snow in May, just we don’t normally here in Cheshire). Speaking of Cheshire; how about a United States Border Control roadblock in the section of Somerset that’s in Cheshire? Or even Somerset being in Cheshire, for that matter… Odd. Very odd.

I’ve also had a pull to the year 1642 for many a year. Far longer than the year itself, and I sent myself on a little quest to find as much information as I could about the year, in the hope of finding a clue as to what linked me to the year. I never found anything apart from very interesting historical information. One amazing fact was that the pre-runner to the microprocessor was invented in 1642. I wouldn’t have thunk that! I also tried a guided meditation which led me to 1643 but gave me more questions rather than providing answers. I will have to try another of those, just to see. I’m not as heavily focussed on 1642 as I once was, and that may help. Obviously, with this, time will tell.

I never did pluck up the courage to say ‘Hi’. I never visited this particular plain in the future again. I’m still missing astronomical events. I did start my book. And start it again. And again. And I’ve never used caviar as hair gel since. Oops. I’m back on hair again… or onto the Bathroom, thinking about it, although that should really have a section dedicated all to itself.

Yes. I’m not 24. I’m certainly older. I’m not any wiser. I still waffle. And I love it!

9 thoughts on “Reminiscing III

  1. Hair has been a thorn in my side -Ooopppsss – head for years. Too curly, too frizzy, too thick, too red, too dry, too short, too long …. Oh, heck. You get the problem.
    They say it’s your crowning glory. What shapes your face. What people see before your face. I’m not sure about that.
    Age will help you with your hair thing. You’ll be happy you still have it. You’ ll be happier with it then age.
    Have a spectacular birthday. I hope it isn’t too late. In the states, it’s almost 9:00 p.m. Daylight savings time has me confused today.
    HAVE A MARTINI FOR ME …. or SCOTCH neat. I’m off to have a birthday scotch for your birthday celebration. KICK UP your heels …. Woo – Hooo it’s your Birthday !!!
    HAPPY Birthday w Fish n Frogs

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