Red Sky at Night

The Mansion. 2AM.
Strange lights in the skies again.
Glowing embers dissolve away
But not the remnants of another day…
The Sun – it set hours ago –
The Moon’s about, but its light’s low.
And the Moonlight’s white, not this eerie red that awoke me as I lay in bed.
An eerie silence crept around
The gentle breeze causing the only sound
As branches sway as they reach up high
Looking charred against the ferocious sky.

The Mansion. 2:45AM.
Darkness returns; all’s normal again.


That’s a matter of opinion around these here parts – it comes along in fits and starts.

11 thoughts on “Red Sky at Night

  1. Quite the sky color….One of the ‘end times’ prophesies is when the sky turns blood red another phase just before the end has been completed…What the heck is going on in that Mansion TL ? Have you been quietly messing around in the lab again? VK

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  2. Could be another time travel issue – the skies get that colour after a big volcanic event or meteor strike throws a lot of dust and soot into the atmosphere… 🙂

    God Bless!


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