Characters Calling: Florence

I did say another would be along shortly, but this is ridiculous!

Originally posted September 30th 2011…

A familiar face appears within my mind’s eye…
An unforgettable face, no matter how I try.
A kind face, a peaceful face, but one without a smile,
A sad face, a lonely face, seemingly lonely for a while.
A confused face, an old face, pleasant all the same,
A lost face, a needy face, a face with just one name.
Florence, I say within, and her eyes glow big and bright
Her elfin looks younger than the age she is tonight.
She’s reaching out for something, and getting through to me,
Although what she needs isn’t clear: try harder, please, for me.
She remembers clearly days gone by, then drifts away again
When you’re stronger, I think to her, please come through again.

4 Comments on “Characters Calling: Florence

  1. This sketches a compelling picture.
    Just a thought: I found myself wondering if the repetition of ‘lonely’ reinforces, or detracts.


    • I’m not sure either, Col. I had to read through it again to see where I’d repeated ‘lonely’… it fills the line correctly though, I feel! 🙂


  2. Good piece Tom! 🙂

    I don’t remember this one, but then my memory is not at its best anymore! 🙂

    God Bless!



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