In a world where it already is

This week, I’ve looked at various forms of déjà vu; and not all have been covered. There are many different variations, similar yet different to the experience we know as déjà vu.

For this post, I’ll open the window, and write about a few other variants that only exist in my world… unless you know otherwise.

  • Presque cuit – Almost cooked. I either experience this or the second experience when I’m in a hurry with food.
  • Presque brûlé – Almost burned. Not to be confused with the third experience.
  • Déjà brûlé – Already burned. I usually experience this when I’m making toast.
  • Déjà en retard – Already late. This strange phenomenon tends to pop up at red traffic lights.
  • Déjà fermé – Already closed. This sigh-inducing feeling occurs when I try to get to the post office before it closes, and I can see from the other side of the road that the lights are off and no-one’s in.
  • Jamais connu – Never experienced. This is a strange experience to experience, because you wouldn’t know you were experiencing it, and if you did experience it you wouldn’t be experiencing it. I don’t know if I’ve experienced this or not, although I probably have…
  • Presque bien rangé – Almost tidy. I usually experience this with my hair.
  • Déjà prête – Already ready. Another strange phenomenon when I find myself prepared for whatever I shouldn’t have been prepared for. Oddly, this doesn’t happen frequently.
  • Déjà rire – Already laughing. This is an embarrassing one, where I find myself laughing at someone’s joke punchline before they’ve even told the joke.
  • Déjà terminé – Already finished. This takes us back to the beginning, and also to the end. To the beginning as it is the experience felt when munching through sweets / popcorn / whatever whilst watching a movie / game / whatever, and you go for one more bite and there’s nothing left. And to the end, as this is the last entry in the list.

See. Short post. Déjà terminé!

6 Comments on “In a world where it already is

  1. This is the second post I’ve read in ten minutes where popcorn was mentioned. It’s almost midnight, and I’m dying for popcorn now………


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