A new superhero is in town!

She’s a witty and comical, daring and adventurous, gym-going kickboxing Canadian superhero, who keeps all other Canadians (and visitors) safely away from grizzlies and beavers alike.

She has several super abilities, one of which is slipping occasional innuendoes surreptitiously where you wouldn’t normally expect an innuendo to be slipped. I don’t write them like she does.

She has the ability to play the piano, paint and write, and, I would say, most probably at the same time… she’s a great multi-tasker, and knows how to handle tools.

And this week, she has a birthday. A special birthday.

Happy birthday, Diane.

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve revealed your super secret to the world… and borrowed your image to boot, although the uniform conceals your identity perfectly. You mentioned last year that you couldn’t see Marvel Comics introducing Middle-Aged Six-Pack Lady, well if they won’t, it’s only fair that someone does.

You can follow Diane’s adventures here. Go visit! You’ll be glad you did.

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