Remember that sketch I did the other day? The frazzled one? I’m embellishing it.

I’m adding colour. And hopefully depth. Life. Character. Heat. Maybe a background. Maybe another character or two. I’m in a creative mood right now.


I’m not rushing things… I’m being shown signs to SLOW DOWN; so I’m slowing. This is how far I’ve got…

I may be finished by 2020.

In my next Sploshes of Colour post, you’ll be able to see how further along I am. When it’s posted that is…

Always end on a cliff-hanger. It worked so well with Dallas and Dynasty…

20 thoughts

  1. This is looking Cool Tom.. and so glad you chose Green for a T-shirt and not white and red 🙂 … Many thanks for your visit earlier.. will be back later tomorrow to catch up on what I missed.. But my eyes are drooping shut now.. 🙂 Sue xx


    1. Funnily enough, Sue, I was going to go for red, thinking of heat, but then changed my mind. Actually, I clicked green in error and that changed my mind for me!
      Hope you’re all rested now!


      1. Yes Tom, I had a weeks chill out with paints and now back to work, but feeling great… thats all that matters Hope you feeling brighter too.. and glad you went for Green.. 😉 xx


  2. When it’s humid, my hair doesn’t stand up like that. It frizzes, and the part close to my head sticks to my head. (She types as she tries to unglue her hair from her sweaty scalp and swats the frizz out of her mouth.)


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