Consantella Chief, personal secretary for the managing director of Mystical Island Tours Public Company Limited (Limited) posted a special hand-written invitation to the Elite Force of Britain last week, which arrived on the doorstep of the Secret Headquarters together with a hefty amount of junk mail. Invisible Charlie was going through the mail to shred the unwanted stuff, when he came across it:


Dear Superheroes (not necessarily limited to those in the EFB),

My managing director, Professor Szimon Kixtr, extends a great welcome to you and your families to one of our fascinating and mysterious Mystical Island Tours, specifically the recently moved Mediterranean Island of Middlehaven Isle, which is now situated in the English Channel.
On the tour, you will be able to discover what causes this island to move around the world as often as it does (it last moved in 1736 from just off the coast of Argentina to its most recent resting place in the Mediterranean). You will also be able to see how the islanders themselves cope with these sudden moves, how they change both their diets and fashions accordingly, and what bizarre and strange creatures they keep as pets. As the island is also a live volcano, which, coincidentally, is currently stirring, so you will be able to feel firsthand the dramatic effects of the earth moving as you simply wander around looking at the stunning landscape and architecture of the island.
You will need to dress appropriately for the island, and the weather, which is as changeable as its location.

The islanders welcome visitors with open arms, and always have a large pot on the boil ready for anyone who comes along.

If you would like to take part on one of our tours, which, as you are superheroes, is offered completely free of charge* instead of our usual asking price of £150.00 per person, please contact us on either the telephone number or fax number on the reverse of the enclosed flyer. We simply ask that you attend in your secret identities rather than your normal selves as the locals have never seen a superhero before and may be somewhat frightened by your gaudy clothing.

I look forward to speaking to you or reading your fax soon.

Consantella Chief (Personal Secretary to Professor Szimon Kixtr, Mystical Island Tours Public Company Limited (Limited))

*A small donation would be greatly received, but is not compulsory as you are superheroes.

17 thoughts

  1. Oh sure. “…always have a large pot on the boil ready for anyone who comes along.”
    Sorry, cannot make it. I have other fish to fry…er, I mean other adventures to take and they don’t include either a pot or a volcano. 😛


  2. Now that is one HUGE Discount Tom.. who could fail not to be interested .. Although I would be a little worried on who is on the menu for dinner… With that huge pot of the boil..


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