Down in the garden

Georgia heard the loud squeak from the gate at the bottom of the garden. It only ever squeaked when it was closed, never when it opened, so she knew somebody was there.

She was expecting a parcel to be delivered, and threw open the front door with gusto.

There was nothing and nobody there.

She ran down the garden path and around the large privet that obscured the view of the gate from the house.

Disappointed, she realised that nobody had actually called. The gate was swinging open and closed freely, its rusty latch on the lawn inside the garden.

This mysterious little snippet is a hundred word tale for Red’s Flash In The Pan. The limit for this flash is a hundred words, funnily enough, and the word this time is ‘down’. Even though I used one meaning of the word in the tale, it ended with another meaning.

But it’s only fiction!

There’s no feeling down here – only Feeling Good! He he he!

Visit Red’s site if you’d like to have a go at this writing challenge… there is a time limit, so like me you’d better get your skates on!

19 thoughts on “Down in the garden

  1. Yes I do need to get my skates on Tom 🙂 lol
    I really like this one my great friend, and there
    is mystery within the lines, perhaps her parcel
    will arrive next time. It is amazing what one can
    weave into a story that has only one hundred
    words, and yours is brilliant 🙂



  2. So you’re a flasher hey Tom??? 😉

    Love the piece though: Very suspenseful!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


    P.S: WordPress has worked fine for two days now, but there’s still a few bugs to be attended to!!! 🙂


    • Only every now and again, Prenin!
      Glad you liked my little tale!
      I’m working myself up to get back into visiting and commenting properly… I’ve given myself a break to let things settle… so hopefully they have!


  3. When I started reading, I thought you were about to reveal more happenings at the Mansion. Not only was I brought up short because this was a flash, but on both counts: Bravo. The squeak of the gate resonates. The imagery is awesome, Tom. Welcome BACK!


    • That’s what I like about these flashes, Shree. You can write so much and open other avenues of thought… or you can get a complete tale within the limited number of words. The latter is more difficult, I must add, so I usually go for the first option!


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